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New Book Release – Sharing Stories on Our Autism Journey

June is a great month. It official marks summer break from school, as well as the first day of Summer. It is also my birth month, which is why I decided to publish The Road I’ve Traveled on my birthday.

The Road I’ve Traveled is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Its official release date will be on the 19th of June.

I absolutely love the cover. The anchor represents my time in the Navy. The color blue represents my love of the ocean, as well as autism awareness.

The Road Ive Traveled

The Road I’ve Traveled is a compilation of poems and short stories Jennifer wrote during moments of her life where she felt the need to get it all out. She writes about being in the Navy during the tragedies of 9/11, having to deploy to New York where she and her shipmates stayed in New York’s harbor for three weeks, guarding the coastline in hopes of preventing any further attacks.

She writes about loss, love, heartbreak, family. You can see the fondness she had for her grandfather as she includes a heartfelt eulogy she had written moments after his passing.

She also writes about being a single mom, as well as a mom to a child who is on the autism spectrum. The journey they have endured together has been bumpy, but they continue to plow through life, learning about autism and sensory processing disorder as they go.

You can find all of my books, recently published and upcoming, under my name and my pen name, posted on my website: www.twistedcrowpress.com/books
Or, you can find them on Amazon:
For all books published under my name, Jennifer N. Adams on Amazon, click here.
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This Weeks Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m always snapping a picture of something, anything, everything. I’ve never taken classes for photography…yet, it is just something that I’ve inherited from my grandfather who always had a camera on him.

This weeks photo challenge is about Rule of Thirds. As an amateur, I had no clue as to what that meant, until Jen H. described it in the Daily Post.

The Rule of Thirds is a photography concept that puts the subject of the photograph off-center, which usually results in blank space in the rest of the image.

That’s easy enough, though I find it harder to do with my mobile. It isn’t an expensive, flashy phone, but it does take some relatively good pictures.


This picture is of a real dragonfly, I just have my cameras lens zoomed in as far as I could get it to zoom. I think I was about twenty feet away. This was the only clear shot I could take, all the others came out blurry.

This picture is of a real dragonfly, I just have my cameras lens zoomed in as far as I could get it to zoom. I think I was about twenty feet away. This was the only clear shot I could take, all the others came out blurry.

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National Library Week – Blogging From A to Z Challenge


This week is National Library Week. This is the time to take the opportunity to thank your local librarian or to have your community become involved in your local library. I grew up two doors down from a library, so I’ve spent many, many days curled up in a corner of the library, with my nose in a book, capturing an imaginative moment with each page I turned. My librarian, Mrs. Zoch, who has since passed away, would help me find the perfect book to captivate my attention. I’m deeply thankful to her in helping me get to where I am today. Because of her, I found a love for books. And because of that, I have become a published author for children. I find the use of imagination helpful in creative thinking.


Literacy is an important tool in a person’s life. It helps in our advancement in the workplace. It helps us obtain the right jobs for us. As a blooming anthropologist, I’ll be spending many hours in a library, amongst the research materials, trying to uncover the mystery behind whatever group of people I’ll be writing about. Libraries play a crucial role in my job. For years I’ve been working on my genealogy and have noticed that everything isn’t found on the internet. I spent an entire day on vacation, researching my genealogy at a library in Georgia. They have a room that is specifically for ancestry.


I stared into the library from the doorway and was captivated by the numerous shelves full of records, books, journals, newspapers, and other items, as well as several shelves full of film. None of these items would be found on the internet. After several roles of film, then thumbing through a few records, I found some important documents on a couple of my grandparents. I had searched for years on the internet for these documents, only to find them from taking a trip to Georgia from Arkansas. I actually went to Georgia to visit with my sister and some cousins of ours, but once I learned about the library in Macon, Georgia, I had to make a trip.

Oui, oui, I’ll be learning French in a classroom

I’m having to take a online French class while I’m here in college. It’s required to get my Bachelor’s. I’m not crazy about learning a foreign language online, but I have to have it and online is the only way it’s offered.

In this online French class we’ll be asked to make a journal/blog entry. I didn’t really want to start a new blog just for one class, so why not just add it to the blog I currently have, it’s up and running, and it’s active.

So, sit back and learn the French culture and language along with me.

Journal question:

“If you’ve studied a foreign language before, What was the most difficult part of the experience? Be specific. What made that as difficult as it was?

If you haven’t studied foreign language before, what specifically do you expect will be the most difficult for you? If you have no idea, take a few minutes skimming over the course content, and base your answer about what seems trickiest. Don’t forget to include why you think it will be difficult.

Finally tell how you plan to approach this learning experience differently because of your experiences or expectations. ”

I grew up learning many languages verbally. I couldn’t read nor write them. It was good enough that I was learning a different language other than English. What is even better is that I was able to speak and understand it. I didn’t have a problem until I had to learn a foreign language in a classroom. The worst part was conjugation; changing the ending of the word, the using the appropriate he, she, they and make sure the word has a similar ending. That sentence sounds just as confusing as learning a foreign language in a classroom. It was also awkward seeing how the word was spelled different than how it sounded. I was lost in translation, literally. I honestly didn’t learn anything from taking two courses of Spanish in high school. We really didn’t speak Spanish to one another, we spoke English. Then I had to move again and I didn’t have anyone to speak another language with, other than English.

When I decided to go back to college I found out that I had to have three years of a foreign language just to get my degree. I just knew I wasn’t going to do well and I didn’t, but yet I passed the class with a B. I still didn’t learn anything that I hadn’t known before taking the class.

My third attempt was taking Spanish 2 in the classroom was beyond ridiculous. I had a hard time with the teacher, as did everyone else. Not to mention she always showed up twenty minutes late. She then tried to rush the assigned work because we only had twenty to thirty minutes left of class, what should’ve been a fifty minute class. She refused to help anyone…seriously! It was beyond sad and so I ended up dropping the class. I couldn’t have one class ruin my GPA on the sad fact the teacher didn’t want to help her students out when they were having trouble. I was one of those students that needed help. I did ask for a tutor, but I would have to drive to the North campus, to which is way out of my way.

I find French much different than Spanish, though I am familiar with both. I was trying to learn Spanish because of the many Spanish speaking people that live here in the United States that I may work with in my chosen profession. Though I have never learned French from a classroom, I have learned it from being around people who speak it and also from watching many French movies. I’m hoping it’ll be a different challenge, but a good challenge. I’m not crazy about taking online classes, as it’s much harder to learn that way, especially a foreign language. But alas, I have to have it to get my degree, plus I want to be able to learn more about the language and culture.

Is there bull urine in my energy drink?

Anyone who knows me, will know that I drink one can of Red Bull Sugar Free every morning. It gives me that boost of energy that I need to help me start my day. It’s exhausting trying to keep up with a toddler, especially on your own.

A classmate had turned around and seen me pulling a can of Red Bull from my bag.

She jokingly said to me, “You never go without that do you?”

I responded with, “No, not really.”

She asked me, “What’s in that?” Referring to what’s in my energy drink.

A male student from the back row blurted out, “Bull urine!”

Turning around, I had to give him a look because I knew he was wrong. I’m not against people stating their own opinions, but please, a statement like that needs some evidence to help back it up.

The girl in front of me was grossed out. I politely told her that he was wrong. He over heard me and told me that he was right. Of course when I got home I had to go straight to the computer and find out who was right in this matter. I would think the USDA wouldn’t allow such ingredients to be put in our beverages. You would think. That is their job, food safety. I don’t think drinking bull urine is safe. More like disgusting. But after searching through Red Bull’s website and a few well known medical websites, I found the answer:

There is no bull urine in Red Bull, nor in any other energy drink out there.

According to Katherine Zeratsky from the Mayo Clinic website, “Taurine is simply an amino acid. It can even be found in the human body. There is seventy times more taurine in a human body, than in one can of Red Bull. You can also find it in meat, scallops, baby food, breast milk, and in fish.”

According to the Red Bull website, “the taurine in their energy drink is produced synthetically by pharmaceutical companies and is not derived from animals.”

Those are factual citations from well known sources. Taurine is a part of your body as an amino acid, not bull urine added into your energy drink. So where the myth came from? Who knows, but don’t believe it, it isn’t true. And as for the guy in my class, you bet I showed him the evidence to prove him wrong, though I said it nicely and with a smile. 🙂

Red Bull, anyone?

It’s the last week

I haven’t been on here to post anything in the last few days, as it’s been a busy week. I’m getting myself ready to go back to school and getting my lil miss ready for daycare. I was happy to find out that I only had to buy two books, instead of the four I needed on the list. The other two books I already had at home as I had already taken the first classes (Elem Algebra and Spanish 1).

It’s good to see how the school helps it’s students save money. They put two courses in one book, knowing that we have to take those classes later. This way we don’t have to buy these books later on. Those of you in college or who have taken college classes know how expensive these books are. I prefer to buy the used ones, as they’re cheaper. My school even has the book rental method. They allow us to rent books for $50 a semester. I haven’t been able to do that just yet, as most of my books required me to write in them, as they are part workbook. I’ve gotten one book that I couldn’t sell because my class was the last to use it.

However, I am ready to start school. After this semester, I will have one more year left to get my Associates Degree. I’m planning on transferring to a University to finish the last few years to get my Bachelor’s in History.

For all of you going back to school, wishing you all the best of luck in your studies!