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New Book Release – Sharing Stories on Our Autism Journey

June is a great month. It official marks summer break from school, as well as the first day of Summer. It is also my birth month, which is why I decided to publish The Road I’ve Traveled on my birthday.

The Road I’ve Traveled is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Its official release date will be on the 19th of June.

I absolutely love the cover. The anchor represents my time in the Navy. The color blue represents my love of the ocean, as well as autism awareness.

The Road Ive Traveled

The Road I’ve Traveled is a compilation of poems and short stories Jennifer wrote during moments of her life where she felt the need to get it all out. She writes about being in the Navy during the tragedies of 9/11, having to deploy to New York where she and her shipmates stayed in New York’s harbor for three weeks, guarding the coastline in hopes of preventing any further attacks.

She writes about loss, love, heartbreak, family. You can see the fondness she had for her grandfather as she includes a heartfelt eulogy she had written moments after his passing.

She also writes about being a single mom, as well as a mom to a child who is on the autism spectrum. The journey they have endured together has been bumpy, but they continue to plow through life, learning about autism and sensory processing disorder as they go.

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Growing up too fast

My daughter has been taking speech therapy as well as PT therapy and OT therapy. Since I had pulled her out of daycare for the summer, her therapist have been visiting her here at home.

I’ve never seen them while they were working with her, usually I would catch the end of their session. At first my daughter didn’t want anything to do with them. I guess it was the change of scenery, but she knew who they were and have been working with them for months now, so they weren’t total strangers. It took her a little while to finally begin her therapy session and I was there to see what all they do with her.

There was a few games she would play on a tablet and I was quite amazed at how well she was doing. It made me smile so big watching her. I was beaming with joy deep inside, thinking how smart my baby girl is. Then it was time to work on repeating words and sentences. Some words came out clearly, while other words were more of a mumble. Still I could notice a difference in how she talks now from when she first started her therapy sessions.

The other night I was wide awake thinking of my birthday coming up in June, I’ll be 34. But that isn’t what got me, it is the fact that my little girl is growing up way too fast. I started to realize how old she really is and that she’ll be four soon; December. Then not too far from now she’ll be starting kindergarten. I tossed and turned most of the night, unable to sleep. I would see babies in the store and just smile and think how I remember my little girl being that tiny, it seems like it was a few months ago. But just recently I noticed she had grown a few more inches and could no longer fit in a few pairs of jeans.

I’m glad I am able to spend as much time as I can with her during the summer because the time that I’m in school is spent doing way too much homework and very little time with my daughter. We have four more days until we leave for Georgia to pick up my sister, then we’re off to Disney. I know she’s anxious to go and so am I.

We’re going to Disney World

It’s been many years since I’ve taken a vacation. Every year I would read facebook status from friends and family who are going to the beach during the summer or taking a trip somewhere. Meanwhile my daughter and I are at home with no plans to go anywhere.

This year there was plans to take a trip to Pennsylvania at the end of June for a family reunion, but those plans fell through. Since I still had money saved up, I still wanted to go somewhere. My youngest sister called me and asked if I wanted to take my daughter to Disney World and I was more than happy to say yes. I was the age my daughter is now, three, when I first went; actually it was my only time I have ever been. Thirty one years later I’m sure Disney World has changed…a lot!

Since my sister’s husband is in the military he can purchase discounted tickets, which makes going to Disney that much better. I immediately got online and begin planning the trip. Disney has a website you can visit and plan your entire stay; which parks you want to visit, which rides you want to ride, an entire checklist, plus you can print out a map with your checklist added onto it. I also made a packing checklist too while I was on the computer so that I wouldn’t forget anything. I’m not sure who’s more excited about going, me or my daughter. I just can’t wait to see her face when she meets her favorite Disney characters.

I’m even planning on making a special trip to the beach, as she’s never been. I grew up on the beach and miss it more and more each day. It’s hard being so far from the ocean. I’m sure she’s going to be just as giddy as I am when she sees the ocean and plants her feet into the sand. She loves swimming and playing in the water so I know it’s going to be a great time.

I’m looking forward to our trip and will post pictures in a later blog.

What are your plans for the summer? Taking a trip or spending some time off at home relaxing?