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I had published a children’s book in September 2013 called, Dana’s First Fish. They are vibrantly colored to allure every child’s attention. Since the company I had published it with is no longer in business, the book is now out of print. I have only a few copies left. I am working on re-publishing this book soon, as well as other books in the Dana’s Series.

Dana’s First Fish synopsis:

Dana’s First Fish tells the story about a little girl whose mom is taking her to get her first pet. Dana has decided that she wants to get a goldfish. But where do goldfish come from? Dana and her mom go on an adventurous journey to find out!


Chaos Cover EBOOK

Chaos is a Young Adult Urban Fantasy Fiction novel and is the first book in my Supernatural Realms Series Chaos. It is now available for purchase on Amazon (paperback and ebook), Kobo, and B&N.

Chaos synopsis:

Two sisters find themselves in a magical world of supernatural creatures and a book that just might send them on a path to find their destiny.

It is the lack of having supernatural abilities that makes Noelle a non-believer. Anya, her younger sister, believes in almost everything, and tries her best to change Noelle’s view of the world, including reminding her they are part shifter.

It isn’t until one morning during a ride into work with her uncle, the town sheriff, when Noelle begins to question her disbelief in all things supernatural. She has a premonition which sends her and Anya on a quest to find a book that may lead to their destiny. A destiny that takes them through a portal into the Faerie realm.

If you love books about magical faeries, shifters, and werewolves which also includes mystery, action, and adventure then this is the book for you!


Ranchers Daughter cover


Rancher’s Daughter is an adult soft romance novella and is available for purchase on Amazon.

Rancher’s Daughter Synopsis:

Everything was going great for Megan; she had her own ranch which she had inherited from her father, her own ranch hand, and an uncle who would always be there for her. It wasn’t until a magazine journalist visited to write about life in the ranch when Megan realized that something was missing. He was charmingly handsome and had a contagious smile, but could she fall in love with a city boy, or would she let an incident from her past keep her from completely tearing down the wall she built around her heart?


The following books are written under my pen name, J. Raven Wilde. Each one of them can be found on my Twisted Crow website.





Claimed by the Alpha is a paranormal romance novella and is available on Amazon. Though it is the first book in the Sanctuary Series, it is a standalone. Each book that is published in this series can be read in any order.

Claimed by the Alpha synopsis:

All Gemma wanted to do was get away from werewolf politics and her dominant, alpha father, who had done nothing but control her life. She wanted nothing more than to be a free woman and not be forced to marry another controlling male. When she ran off to the other side of the country, she didn’t think that she would be running into another dominant alpha male, Aiden. He shows nothing but distaste toward her. She would leave, but she’s financially strapped and has nowhere else to go. It would also seem that wherever she goes, he’s there. 

Aiden had tasked his brother John to hire an assistant for their company, giving him strict rules not to hire a woman. So, it came as a surprise when John went against Aiden’s requests and hired Gemma. One sniff of her and Aiden is having a hard time controlling not only his temper, but the urge to shift. There is something about her that stirs his wolf. But he doesn’t figure out what it is until another alpha wolf comes into his territory and takes Gemma.

Will Aiden come after her, or will he let her go? Will Gemma finally concede to live life among the wolves, or will she run again? 

Publisher’s Note: Claimed by the Alpha is a stand-alone book in the Sanctuary Series. They can be read in any order. They are also HEA guaranteed, no cheating. This book contains a hot, demanding alpha wolf with a penchant for protecting and dominating his female. If such material offends you, do not buy this book.


The Mummy’s Curse is a paranormal romance novella and is the first book in a three book mini-series. It is available on Amazon.

The Mummy’s Curse synopsis:

Laney and two of her friends win a trip of a lifetime to see the treasures of Egypt. Their tour guide, Tarrick drives them around, showing them the famous sites, giving them a history lesson. Along the way, Tarrick talks the three friends into seeking out a hidden treasure. Laney’s friends see this as an opportunity to snatch up treasure and fame, while Laney seeks to learn more about the lost mummy.

There’s only one problem — the hidden treasure comes with a mummy’s curse.

Will the mummy’s curse be too much for Laney to handle?


Hot Rod is an erotica short story and can be found on Amazon.

Hot Rod synopsis:

Jake takes his beautiful girlfriend with him to a local car show, where he finds the car of his dreams. Before he knows it, the two of them are roaring down country roads. The mixture of leather seats, her perfume, the roar of the engine, and the intoxicating power of being the one driving this steel beast has more than just the powerful motor throbbing.


In Hot Pursuit is an erotica short story and can be found on Amazon.

In Hot Pursuit synopsis:

Police Officer Jeb McKenna is out patrolling a neighborhood when he decides to park his cruiser and wait for potential speeders. Moments later, a car that he has always loved roars by. Noticing it was going well over the speed limit, he excitedly follows pursuit. He soon discovers the driver to be a sexy, mysterious woman who takes him on a wild ride, leaving him exhausted, yet satisfied, but wanting more. It will be a night that he will not soon forget.


I continue to keep everyone posted on my current works in progress (WIP) via my author page on Facebook, or here on my blog. Or click on my website’s link and subscribe to receive my monthly newsletter:

I’m often asked how I got published. I think that’s a common question authors are asked. I am currently working on a book where I will answer those questions, as well as offer tips and tidbits on the publishing process and which companies I had chosen to publish with. Since I had switched from traditionally published (small press that turned into a vanity press) to become an indie author, the book will be more of a guide on becoming an indie author. However, I will mention a little about what to expect from traditional publishing.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a blessed day!

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