It’s the last week

I haven’t been on here to post anything in the last few days, as it’s been a busy week. I’m getting myself ready to go back to school and getting my lil miss ready for daycare. I was happy to find out that I only had to buy two books, instead of the four I needed on the list. The other two books I already had at home as I had already taken the first classes (Elem Algebra and Spanish 1).

It’s good to see how the school helps it’s students save money. They put two courses in one book, knowing that we have to take those classes later. This way we don’t have to buy these books later on. Those of you in college or who have taken college classes know how expensive these books are. I prefer to buy the used ones, as they’re cheaper. My school even has the book rental method. They allow us to rent books for $50 a semester. I haven’t been able to do that just yet, as most of my books required me to write in them, as they are part workbook. I’ve gotten one book that I couldn’t sell because my class was the last to use it.

However, I am ready to start school. After this semester, I will have one more year left to get my Associates Degree. I’m planning on transferring to a University to finish the last few years to get my Bachelor’s in History.

For all of you going back to school, wishing you all the best of luck in your studies!

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