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Essential Oil Diffuser For Those with Sinusitis


Due to allergies toward dust and mold, I suffer from chronic sinusitis. It can be annoying when working around important people all day in a state office; having to dash off to the restroom to blow my nose or use my prescription nose spray every half hour or so. I needed to find something else that would help clear this up. Allergy meds and nose spray wasn’t working that well.

After consulting with a few friends who work in the medical field, they had each recommended I try essential oils. I had never thought to even try them until I was in an IEP meeting at school and one of my daughter’s therapists had one in her office. She currently had been overcoming bronchitis and was using her essential oil diffuser. After twenty minutes of sitting there, I could tell that it was actually working for me.

My local store only had a few of the small diffusers, so I checked online to see what I could find. Amazon had some for the same price my local store had, except Amazon’s was much bigger and seemed to do a lot more.

I purchased one of them, as well as a few essential oils that was recommended to me. One of those essential oils is called Breathe Easy and it’s for those with nasal congestion. I also purchased the lavender as I love the smell.

After using my essential oil diffuser at home for a few days, I can tell a big difference. Only wished that I could take it to work with me, lol!


One Word Photo Challenge: Melon

Not many know this, but I am interning at the Little Rock Zoo. I won’t go into details, as I don’t have permission to talk about what it is that I do there, but with that said, after I’m done with my work, I take a stroll through the zoo and see the animals out and about, foraging, playing, interacting with one another, etc.

To see more on this weeks photo challenge, melon, click here.



Happy Birthday Einstein

Today, in 1879, genius and physicist, Albert Einstein was born. It is also Pi Day, but Einstein is more of a memorable icon. Pi, not so much, as I’m not a fan of math. 😉 I used to be able to spat out the first 9 digits that represent Pi on the calculator, but those were the days of studying Algebra to receive my Associate’s Degree.

It's a bobble head that I have sitting on the dash of my car. The headband, around his head, is a Superman bracelet that belongs to my daughter.

It’s a bobble head that I have sitting on the dash of my car. The headband, around his head, is a Superman bracelet that belongs to my daughter.

Though the word ‘autism’ wasn’t known until the early 1900, famous names, such as Einstein and Newton had autism.

According to, WebMD, “Autism is a neurological disorder, that was once discovered around 1911 by, Eugen Bleuler, a psychiatrist from Switzerland. Though, he had associated autism as a form of schizophrenia. Researchers didn’t start using the term to describe children with autistic behaviors, until the 1940’s. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, researchers started to use electroshock therapy and prescribed LSD as a medication. In the 1980’s and 1990’s the began behavioral therapy and other treatments.”

Today, 1 in 42 boys will be diagnosed with autism, 1 in 189 girls will be diagnosed with autism. Though there are many “theories” as to what causes autism, there are no actual Scientific facts. There have been some cases where it was identified that a child’s autism was caused from genetics or from the environment during early brain development, but not every child on the spectrum can be identified with this being the definite answer as to why they have autism.

This Week’s Photo Challenge: Orange

This week’s photo challenge is, orange; anything to do with the color orange. Orange just happens to be my favorite color. It’s bright, colorful, and is cheerful.

Below are a few pictures from my 2001 Navy Deployment, as well as a few pictures from the past few months around here in Arkansas.


Church in NaplesCrete sunset

1497786_821572894549878_1746614542_n67wrenorchidmush1cats9autismspeaks1leaves 1

Another Legend Has Passed Away


It’s a sad day in the geek world, as we learn that one of our beloved Sci-Fi actors has passed away. Leonard Nimoy did live long and prosper, and shall always remain in our hearts forever.

RIP Spock!

This Weeks Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m always snapping a picture of something, anything, everything. I’ve never taken classes for photography…yet, it is just something that I’ve inherited from my grandfather who always had a camera on him.

This weeks photo challenge is about Rule of Thirds. As an amateur, I had no clue as to what that meant, until Jen H. described it in the Daily Post.

The Rule of Thirds is a photography concept that puts the subject of the photograph off-center, which usually results in blank space in the rest of the image.

That’s easy enough, though I find it harder to do with my mobile. It isn’t an expensive, flashy phone, but it does take some relatively good pictures.


This picture is of a real dragonfly, I just have my cameras lens zoomed in as far as I could get it to zoom. I think I was about twenty feet away. This was the only clear shot I could take, all the others came out blurry.

This picture is of a real dragonfly, I just have my cameras lens zoomed in as far as I could get it to zoom. I think I was about twenty feet away. This was the only clear shot I could take, all the others came out blurry.

turtle  eaglehappycats9eight110spider1mush1mush2mush3

One Word Photo Challenge: Strawberry

This week’s One Word Photo Challenge reminds me of when a few classmates, an instructor, my daughter, two dogs, and I went foraging through fields, woods, as well as through the muddy banks of the Arkansas River, for a project that involved our Anthropology Club. Another student and I had written about our foraging experience and the reason behind it; hopefully our articles will be published soon so that I can share them with you.

Nevertheless, it’s always great being a college student. You never know who you’ll meet, what you’ll learn, or what events, projects, and/or experiences you’ll sign up for. I have never had a doubtful moment, nor have I ever looked back and wished I did something better that day. I can say that our Anthropology Club is backed by some really awesome professors/instructors, who has opened quite a few doors for their students. And beyond those doors is nothing but awesomeness!

The pictures below are of some wild strawberries we found on some property owned by one of our instructors. They’re okay for eating, though the ones we had picked weren’t ripe enough to enjoy and had a watery taste, rather than the sweet flavor strawberries from the farmer’s market or store are known for. It was for a farmer’s market project, as to why we picked them, as well as many other wild fruits, vegetables, and other vegetation. My Anthropology Club set up a table at Bernice Gardens during their National Heritage Month last year. It was a great experience that taught us quite a lot about our state’s naturally grown food and what Native American’s from this area several hundred years ago ate.

Wild strawberries - though a little to early for picking, they were used for a college project.

Wild strawberries – though a little to early for picking, they were used for a college project.

Wild strawberries

Wild strawberries

Caffeinate Me!


Doctor, doctor, double the dose please!

I’m having one of those days…weeks, where I’m dragging my feet, half asleep at my computer. I’ve made a few too many errors already. For example: I get to school this morning, insert my jump drive into the computer, pull up my biology notes and what do I find? I didn’t save them to the jump drive, but I did save them…to the computer…at home. At least I can email the homework to the teacher. 

It’s been like this all week for me, little errors here and there. I’m thankful that they are just little errors though. I have been swamped with homework and studying, then taking a break to take care of my little one who is sick again. Every night this past week I have been staying up a little later than I usually do just to get my homework done. 

One of the girls in my class realized that we needed to seven more chapters in our biology class. We were both freaking out as it’s our last week before finals; today is our last exam in biology, next week is our finals. I also have two other classes to study for as well. Ah, the life of a college student! 🙂 

This semester in Biology has been a big mess to begin with. The teacher couldn’t get the online system to work for us to get our notes and homework; this continued to push us further and further behind. He ended up doing a few labs for us, which had us scratching our heads when it came to do the notes for the homework. All and all I think I’m passing this class. 

I think the majority of us are ready for our break, me especially. 

Computer dissecting in Biology

Two weeks ago, I went to Biology class hoping I would be dissecting…something. My lab sheet for that week had diagrams drawn for a clam, frog, crayfish, cow eye, and a rat. Sounds gross, I know. It started to take me back to the tenth grade. I can still remember my group of girlfriends and I crushing on our Science teacher, Mr. Nash; isn’t that just like teenage girls? We would send notes back and forth, even though we all sat at the same table. We would gossip about the latest things, or mostly gossip about Mr. Nash’s hair, his smile, then giggle.

We weren’t paying attention to what Mr. Nash was saying; we should have. He came around to each table, passing out what looked like a baking pan with this wax stuff inside of it about an inch thick. One of us asked what it was for and he said, “This is the tray you’re going to use to dissect your frog on.” There weren’t any giggles, more like a few gulps and a few ewws. I snarled up my nose, thinking this is going to be so disgusting! It actually turned out to be quite fun! A couple of girls got sick, not from my table.

I sat there, reminiscing about those days back in high school, but my college teacher pointed to the ‘white board’, which read something about googeling our dissections anatomy on the internet. I was kind of bummed, but elated at the same time. I know I wouldn’t have a hard time dissecting clams, crayfish, and eyes. I wouldn’t have a problem dissecting a frog. There may be a problem with the rats. That’s where I would say, “Eww!” I’m not scared of them, just don’t prefer them is all. Mice are cute, I don’t mind them. I just don’t like rats.

Yesterday, I spent several hours trying to find pictures that even came close to the diagrams given to us on the lab sheets.The eye was a piece of cake, as I already knew most of it. The clam and crayfish were pretty simple, but the frog was a little tough. I’m still missing a few key terms as the diagram looks computer drawn, compared to the images I’m looking at on the internet. Some of the organs looks inaccurate, or out of place. Maybe dissection would’ve been a lot easier, tough we only have a few weeks left of school and this class is only a once a week class.

Not a fan of fast food

I have two biology projects to work on, both are due tomorrow. I have finally finished the second one. Now I’m working on typing up the essay for the second project. The second project was for us students to eat out at five different fast food restaurants and type then up the calories, fat calories, fat grams, protein, sodium, cholesterol, and fiber on a specific website for each place we eat out at, for everything we consume, food and drink. Then type up an essay about where we ate and what we thought about this project.

The thing about living here in Bryant is that I’m surrounded by a plethora of restaurants, so I would not have a hard time on picking five places, that’s the easy part of the project. The hard part on this project is to afford eating out when I would prefer to buy food at the market and prepare the meal at home, for about fourth the price of what it would cost to go out and eat these days. The other hard part is eating food that isn’t good for me. I’m not big on eating a huge amount of sodium. During and after my pregnancy I was battling high blood pressure and a huge amount of sodium is one thing that I should steer clear of in order to keep my blood pressure from going back up. I’m proud to say that I’ve been able to get my health back in line and my blood pressure back to normal, but high blood pressure does run in my family.

Another thing that people aren’t aware of is not only does sodium raise your blood pressure, but it starts to chew away at your bones, making them brittle. As a woman this is bad, especially as I start to get older, things like osteoporosis would also start to set in.

I’m not trying to sound paranoid, but if you have things that run in your family that concern you as things in my family concerns me, you would react the same way as I do. Cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and arthritis. Obesity is another thing that runs in my family. I’m thankful that I have lost most of my baby weight, though I could stand to lose a few more pounds. You’re probably laughing, saying, but I just read your Dunkin Donut blog you just posted yesterday. I know, I know, it was opening day and I just had to have that one donut. I haven’t been back…yet. 😉

I had slipped a disk in my lower back which causes great discomfort when walking, so it’s hard to do much exercise, therefore I try to watch what I eat. Another reason I try to eat healthy is my daughter. She’ll eat what I eat. I’m proud to say that she loves fruits and veggies and asks for more. I try to show her healthy food choices by what I consume. Though once in awhile I’ll stop by McDonald’s, they do have salads and yogurt and smoothies (my little girl loves yogurt and smoothies) instead of getting the hamburgers and nuggets. I do get her the kids meal, though she doesn’t eat all of her fries and nuggets, but she does eat all of her apples and drinks all of her milk. And yes, the occasionally donut, but I don’t eat them every day and neither does she.

What are some of your food wrongs and rights?