Caffeinate Me!


Doctor, doctor, double the dose please!

I’m having one of those days…weeks, where I’m dragging my feet, half asleep at my computer. I’ve made a few too many errors already. For example: I get to school this morning, insert my jump drive into the computer, pull up my biology notes and what do I find? I didn’t save them to the jump drive, but I did save them…to the computer…at home. At least I can email the homework to the teacher. 

It’s been like this all week for me, little errors here and there. I’m thankful that they are just little errors though. I have been swamped with homework and studying, then taking a break to take care of my little one who is sick again. Every night this past week I have been staying up a little later than I usually do just to get my homework done. 

One of the girls in my class realized that we needed to seven more chapters in our biology class. We were both freaking out as it’s our last week before finals; today is our last exam in biology, next week is our finals. I also have two other classes to study for as well. Ah, the life of a college student! 🙂 

This semester in Biology has been a big mess to begin with. The teacher couldn’t get the online system to work for us to get our notes and homework; this continued to push us further and further behind. He ended up doing a few labs for us, which had us scratching our heads when it came to do the notes for the homework. All and all I think I’m passing this class. 

I think the majority of us are ready for our break, me especially. 

8 thoughts on “Caffeinate Me!

  1. maxim sense

    Oh, that college student life honey! I don’t know if I had loved mine, but it had always been like a rat race. Now I can imagine how important is that break for you. You should have time to pamper yourself this semester break. And your little girl, maybe she needs a break too. Nice post.


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