Yesterday I spent majority of the morning cleaning my daughter’s room, sorting through her toys, rearranging some of her furniture, and bringing some of her toys out of the living room and into her bedroom. I was elbows deep in her toys when my grandmother turned on the TV and shouted to me that there had been another school shooting. I didn’t want to pull myself away from what I was doing to see the news for myself. I knew that since Columbine that there had been over forty school shootings.

Gram’s had long since turned the TV off and had left to visit with her brother when I had finished with my task. I too left the house to deliver Dublin’s old toys to the daycare. When I came back, I made myself a sandwich and turned the TV on. The news coverage was still rolling on the school shooting. I was appalled at what I was seeing! She told me it was a school shooting, she didn’t tell me that it was at an elementary school and that kindergarteners were involved!

I literally had tears rolling down my face. The pain those parents are going through right now and at a time so close to Christmas. There were adult victims as well. I tried to continue to listen to the news. I wanted to know what happened. Who would want to hurt innocent children? Who would do such a thing? Why would someone do this to these people?

I finally could not tolerate the TV any longer. I decided to turn on something that I had on the DVR from the previous night. I needed something to cheer me up, something to take my mind away to something else. I picked Dublin up a little earlier from daycare and spent a little more time with her yesterday. I even sat with her in her room and watch a cartoon with her.

My heart goes out to those families in Newtown, Connecticut! My continued thoughts and prayers will always be with you!

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