Missing Furbaby

The other day I found something interesting within the contents of our mail. On the way to the house, from the mailbox, I always have the mail sorted, which letter, bill, or junk mail goes to whom. What was interesting was a piece of paper that had a picture of a cat and on the bottom it said missing and listed two phone numbers. 

Not a lot of people know this, but it is against the law to place unsolicited mail in people’s mailboxes, especially when there’s mail contained in the mailboxes; when there’s mail in the mailbox, it becomes a federal offense. 

However, I’m a animal lover and can understand the extent they would go to finding their missing family member. I just wished they would’ve found a better means than putting their missing flyers in the mailbox, they may not find another person as nice as me that would brush off how they just broke the law. Not to mention, I just so happened to have seen this person’s furbaby no less than a week ago…twice in two days.

I called one of the phone numbers and the guy on the other end first panicked, asking if I had his cat, to which I sadly said no, but had seen it. By the end of the phone call, I found out that the cat is a she and that she had wondered across a busy street and down a few blocks, so she’s not too far from home. I’m still keeping my eyes peeled though in hopes to find her and reunite her with her human family.

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