Finally, she uses the potty

This morning my lil girl woke up with a dry diaper; this is normal for her. I stripped her down and sat her on her potty, all the while singing and coaching her to pee pee in the potty; normal for me. After about ten minutes of the two of us just sitting in the bathroom, I decided to leave her there to do her business, while I finished making breakfast.

I’m in the kitchen putting everything on the table, when I noticed lil miss running around the living room still naked as the day she came into this world. I then hear my grandmother yell from the bathroom, “She used her potty!” I immediately dropped everything I’m doing and poked my head around the kitchen door frame and said, “What?!” I thought I heard what she said, but I wanted to make sure. Grandma repeated herself. I ran into the bathroom to see this for myself. I started jumping and cheering. My little girl came running into the bathroom to see what we’re doing. I immediately congratulate and hug her, then said how proud I am of her. I clapped and said, “You went pee pee in the potty!” She’s clapped and smiled and jumped up and down with me with just as much excitement; though I’m sure she probably thought Mommy was just being silly again.

I dumped her little potty into the big potty, rinsed and dumped again, then allowed her the honors of flushing the toilet. She flushed and watched it go down. She clapped and said, “All gone.”

Too some it may not seem such a big deal, but to me it is a job well paid off. It’s the constant daily battle to get your child to sit on the potty, then the struggle to get them to stay there long enough to do something. I kept thinking to myself, “Does she even understand what her potty is used for?” When she finally used her potty, it became the highlight of my day! More like, the highlight of my week! This was the first time for her to use the potty without me there to coach her, without anyone in the bathroom with her. I couldn’t be happier for my lil girl. Now, for her to keep this up.

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