Biology anyone

I felt like I was in high school again, sort of. Sitting in a Science classroom, talking about microscopes. The teacher was carefully going over the parts of the microscope and how to use them. What made me laugh was that he was being thorough, he had to be, you never know how many ‘not so clever’ people weren’t paying attention to his directions.

It was time for us to get our microscopes. One of us in my group plugged it in and the other placed a slide on top of the microscope stage. It was the ‘e’. If anyone remembers high school biology, the e is inverted. We had to draw what we saw on our paper and continue onto the next slide, the onion, followed by a leaf.

By the end of the day my group had gone through all of the slides and drawn what each slide looked like. I was happy to be in a class that was fun, hands on, and stress free. A class that brought back memories of the tenth grade. My teenage girl friends and I, sitting at the same table, passing the same note around to one another, talking about our cute High School Science teacher. I can say I won’t be passing notes around in this class on that topic. Even though I’ve been out of school for almost sixteen years, it’s been a little longer since I’ve had biology. I sure some of it will come back to me.

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