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Indie Author Guide

Ever since I published my first book in 2012, I have been asked how I did it, along with many other questions that I feel I have enough to fill a book. Most of the questions are usually the same ones that I am asked repeatedly. I try my best to answer each one and at times I feel like I’m leaving something out.

I want budding authors to strive in this business, as being an author is a business. It’s how we earn an income. Some authors earn a lot more than others but I don’t want to keep aspiring authors from learning their craft to where they can’t make a living. I want to help them become successful.

I have decided to take these questions and answer them by writing a book. Not only do I answer their questions, in length, I added a plethora of other useful tips and tidbits that they should know to help them in building and marketing their brand. Though it’s a guide on how to become an indie author, I do write a little about what to expect in the traditional publishing side of becoming an author.

Indie Author Guide

Though I don’t have an exact date set for when it will be published, I do know it will be out sometime next Spring.



One of the many things you’ll learn when being an author is deadlines. This is something I’m still becoming accustomed to, but honestly something I should be used to since I’m a college student. My Senior Editor recently sent me his edited copy of my children’s book to look at and make and corrections, if any. I was then to make a promotional to put on the back cover and then write a short bio to put on the back, inside sleeve. I had one week to do this and email it back to him.

The thing about deadlines is, if you don’t meet them, it messes everything up. I just emailed my corrections I just made back to him with four days to spare. If I had lingered passed the deadline date, I would be pushed back a month. I thought to myself, ‘I wouldn’t like that. I would like to see everything continue to roll as it is and have my book come out right no schedule.’

The next step is illustrations. I’ve already sent in pictures of my daughter as she’s going to be the model for my children’s book. I have a few weeks yet before they start to work on it, but I’m still excited in the whole process.