Indoor Egg Hunt

Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday had been rainy, making the yard wet, mushy, and muddy. This kept me from hiding Easter eggs outside for my three year old to seek and find. My grandmother came up with the idea to hide the eggs inside. Just because the yard is too messy to go out and play, doesn’t mean my daughter couldn’t have fun inside the house.

Grandma hid my daughter’s basket full of Easter eggs in the living room, then sent me to tell my daughter to come find them. I walked into her bedroom and found her watching TV. I handed her Easter basket to her and told her that there are Easter eggs hidden all over the living room, go find them. I didn’t have to tell her twice as she grabbed her basket and took off running towards the living room.

She began spotting eggs here and there, picking them up and placing them in her basket, all the while smiling and giggling. It was great getting to see her enjoy herself and have some fun.

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