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Rough Morning

I think I hit the snooze twice this morning; Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I have early classes, which means getting up at 5:45AM. Even though my first class doesn’t start until 8AM, I have to battle morning traffic starting from my street all the way to the school; not to mention dropping my daughter off at daycare. After 8AM it’s normally a ten minute drive to school. But I was actually more awake this morning than I normally am, especially for having to get up so early. And I was in my usual good mood.

It doesn’t take me long to get ready; ten to fifteen minutes, that’s including the shower. I’ll open my daughter’s bedroom door, as most of the time this will wake her up, make my bed, and then go start breakfast. If she hasn’t come into the kitchen by the time I’m done making breakfast, I know it’s going to be a rough morning. This morning was the top of the list of roughest mornings yet. It’s a fairly short list because the list has just been created, but it is starting to grow.

My daughter hadn’t given me any problems when she was two, so I never fully understood the term ‘terrible twos’. It seemed that a few weeks ago, when I dropped my daughter off at daycare and came back to pick her up, I picked up the wrong child. She looked like my daughter, but acted like someone completely different; different attitude, different behavior.

I was actually late to class this morning because of her throwing a tantrum. It wasn’t just for a few minutes either. I couldn’t get her dressed this morning, then I couldn’t get her to eat, nor get her shoes on, her hair brushed. I carried her out the door kicking and screaming only because Grandma was carrying her truck since I couldn’t; my hands were already full with diapers, a screaming child, my drink, and my backpack. I tried to give her the truck only for her to throw it across the seat. I tell her to calm down, it’s okay … but that didn’t help her.

She cried all the way to the daycare. She wouldn’t get out of the car without her truck. I gave her truck to her and proceed to carry her in and she tosses it across the parking lot and starts to scream and cry again. By now I feel like crying. I drop her off in her classroom and say she’s been like this since she got up this morning, I’m so sorry to just leave her like this. My daughter’s wailing gets louder and I say even louder, ‘I’m going to be late for class’. I was stressed and frankly, I was really upset and just wanted to leave; I still had the morning rush-hour interstate traffic to deal with.

She goes to bed around the same time every night, I haven’t changed her diet, she doesn’t drink soda; I’m starting to narrow things down. Then other mom’s with older children start to point it out to me that it’s the beginning of the ‘terrible three’s’. I’m just thinking to myself, “Oh no! I just want my sweet, lovable little girl back! The one that laughs and giggles all the time. The one that goes to bed when I ask her to. This isn’t the child I’m used to having.”

The classes that I am taking this semester make up for my stressful mornings. On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s we talk about the news in my first class, the next class we talk about literature, and then I have creative writing to finish the day. On Monday’s and Wednesday’s class we talk about other cultures. All of them are really great classes.

Lil Miss Behave

I had taken my daughter to get her three year old checkup. Everything checked out fine, except that they see that she is three feet tall, which to them is under the height requirements for her age, and that she is under weight. Two things; one, I think she is perfect short or tall. Two, my child is not underweight; she actually had a belly on her when she went in for her checkup. I think if the doctor is checking the chart for her required height and weight for her age and saying my daughter is short for her age, then I think the weight requirements are going to be way off.

Another thing is that my daughter is behind on is her vocabulary and has to start taking speech therapy. I happily agreed to this. I can understand my daughter for the most part and so can those who are around her a lot, but for others, who don’t know her, have a hard time understanding her. She still babbles and doesn’t use sentences.

While we were there they asked me if I wanted them to give her the flu shot. I said, “Yes, might as well since it’s going around.”

A few days later Dublin began acting a little out of sorts, screaming and crying nonstop for hours. It started at daycare and they were just about to call me had I not walked in the door just then. They told me that it is like her to act like that. I agree it isn’t. That very night she started throwing up, nonstop and it continued all the next day. I took her back to the doctor and was told she had a stomach virus.

She had gotten better, but her behavior did not. The daycare continues to tell me how she’s doing, as usually, and told me that this isn’t her normal behavior. Again, I agree. Today, at lunch she started screaming and crying and threw her plate. The same thing goes on at home, if she doesn’t like something, I’ll try to make whatever it is she wants just to get her to eat something. In the meantime she’s screaming and crying the whole time. Is this a reaction from the flu shot? Or is this a three year old thing? Of course I had called the doctor’s office and talked to the nurse, she told me that this is a three year old thing, that the flu shot wouldn’t do that.