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I’m a toddler and I’ll cry if I want to

My daughter has been seeing a speech therapist; actually the therapist comes to visit my daughter at her daycare. Since she doesn’t talk that much and has a hard time with words, or asking for something, or doesn’t have much of a vocabulary, she has to visit with a speech therapist once a week. I was told that after next week the therapist will be seeing her twice a week, she didn’t explain to me why. I have seen a little improvement in her speech as far as using actual words when she talks, rather than babel.

Today when I picked my daughter up from daycare the therapist was still there, giving my daughter her lesson. One of the teachers directed me to the room they were in and I poked my head in the door to see how they were doing. I could tell right away that it wasn’t going that well long before I reached the room as I could her my daughter crying. The therapist looked up from my daughter to see that I was standing in the doorway and asked me if she usually cried for long periods of time. I told her, yes, sometimes longer.

My daughter is three, so it’s a toddler thing to cry endless for something, especially when you tell them no. No matter how nice I tell her no, even when not using the word no, she will cry and throw a tantrum. The therapist finally told me why she was crying, she wasn’t done playing with a ball before the therapist took it away wanting to move onto another lesson.

My daughter finally calmed down after the therapist let her play with a matching game on her cell phone. At this very moment she is playing a similar matching game on my kindle. I find it keeps her occupied until she decides she’s hungry. When she comes home from daycare I always have something prepared for her to eat, but she begins crying for maybe an hour until she decides she’s actually hungry and will finally come to the table to eat.

I am just now going through the terrible toddler stages. She didn’t have the terrible twos and has only had one week of the terrible threes, which was several months ago. I have been blessed with a wonderful child though, so I guess I’ll see how long this phase will last.