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PC: Ephemeral

This week’s photo challenge is ephemeral. Ephemeral means, to last for a short period of time.



The County Fair

My daughter and I went to the Saline County fair yesterday with my sister Jaci, our mother and my nephew Hunter. It wasn’t that great of a time, though my daughter did enjoy herself. She had grown a few inches over the summer, but yet she’s still too short to ride some rides without having me ride with her. My nephew seems to have been too tall to ride some of the kiddie rides with her and I didn’t want her riding some things by herself, knowing how antsy she is. Not to mention they wouldn’t let my nephew ride some of the rides with my daughter, they told me I had to be the one riding with her. All these rules just spoils the fun, though I know it’s for safety reasons, but don’t say it in a manner to where we just want to forget about the rest of the fair and head home! We weren’t happy with how rude, depressed looking, and lazy the carnival workers appeared. My daughter and I was standing in front of one of the rides, the gate was closed, and the ride was empty. I stared at the guy, waiting for him to say something. My mom walks up and asks me, “What’s wrong?” To which I replied, “I have no idea.” Finally after a few more minutes passes I ask the guy who appeared to be the only one running the ride what he is waiting on. He tells me that he was waiting on us. It would’ve been helpful if he told me something to let me know that the ride was available…or something.


Earlier my daughter wanted to ride the kiddie car ride. My nephew said he would love to ride it with her, so we headed in that direction. Once we get up the the gate, the carnival guy looks at my sister and says, “We have a problem boss, he’s too tall for the ride.” My sister looks at him confused and points to the sign, to which Hunter was standing next to, and says, “Looks like he’s tall enough compared to your sign.” Hunter’s height didn’t go over what we thought was the height requirement. The worker points to a zip tie on the height measuring sign and says, “This is the height cut off.” We all walk away thinking how odd that the sign didn’t say anything about the height cut off, but it had a ‘must be this tall to ride alone’ requirement. My sister didn’t like being called boss either, ma’am would’ve been more polite.


What few rides my daughter and I rode, we enjoyed. I’m just thrilled that she’s fearless and wants to ride anything. And once the ride starts her face lights up and she’s screaming with happiness, shouting, “WEEEEE!!!” We are all planning on going to the State Fair next month, just hoping for a better outcome than what we received from the County Fair.


My sister Jaci and I on the tilt-o-whirl. Great fun!


She loves horses!