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One Word Photo Challenge: Yellow

My flowerbeds are turning green as new life sprouts forth from the dirt. The first flowers to bud and bloom are the dandelions. It’s been a harsh winter for most, but maybe this is a sign that Spring is very close and warmer weather will be here soon.


One Word Photo Challenge: Green

Starting to see some flowers coming up in my flowerbeds. I’m trying not to brag since some of you are still getting snow or won’t be able to see grass for a few more months yet, when all the snow melts.


A Little Snow To Play In


The other day it had snowed a few inches. Just enough to go out and play in it. It wasn’t soft as snow should be. It was crunchy, as if it was an ice mixture. My daughter enjoyed it though. She mostly walked around the backyard, then the front, taking a few minutes to bend over and scoop some up in her glove covered hands. She looked at it with curiosity as children do. This is the second time she’s been out to play in the snow. The first time I think she was not even a year old yet; she’s now four. I took a few minutes to teach her how to throw a snowball, to which she enjoyed finding me as her target. It didn’t take long for the snow to all melt away; it was already gone the next day.



We were supposed to have gotten several inches of snow today. The weatherman on each news station had been warning us for days on the upcoming snow storms arrival, how many inches we’ll get, when it’ll be here, etc. Would you know, I woke up with my alarm clock, looked out side, and no snow! I was in a way, disappointed. I was looking forward to another snow day. Another opportunity to go out and play with my girl. Although, I am looking forward to some warmer weather and enjoyed the sun shining bright in the sky this morning. The temperature is still too cold, but I’ll enjoy the day nonetheless.


Farewell Winter, Hello Spring

Another poem. I’m thinking of using this one for my creative writing project.

Farewell Winter, Hello Spring

I long to say farewell to winter

It’s harsh cold days

And bleak foggy mornings

Farewell to the snow that fell

A heavy wet blanket

Slick roads a burden to travelers

Farewell to the ice storms

Made limbs crashing

And heavy lines snapping

I long to say hello to spring

Sunlight kissing dew drops

Mother Nature reborn

Hello to the sounds of birds calling

Smell the blooms scent in the air

Bright colors decorating Earth’s landscape

Its snowing!!!

It’s snowing!! On WordPress that is. Got your attention I’m sure. No, it isn’t snowing here, its sixty one degrees and raining outside. I do wish it was snowing instead.

I’m a person that loves to enjoy each season. Spring – I love flowers and planting them. Summer – shorts and sandals and BBQ! Autumn – time for fall festivals, pumpkin decorating, and county fairs. Winter – sweaters, fuzzy socks, hot cocoa, and bundling up to go outside and play in the snow.


My daughter doesn’t know what to think about the snow. Feb 2011

Being a Navy brat and then joining the Navy myself, I’ve lived on many beaches. I love the beach; building sand castle, looking for shells, snorkeling, boogie boarding, laying out in the sun, but I also enjoy a little snowfall as well.

I lived in Colorado for a few years; my first year there was a small blizzard, a few years later, another blizzard. My car was literally buried in the snow. I walked outside to take a few pictures and the snow literally went passed my waist, that’s how much snow had fallen the day before.


Snowboarding in Colorado 2004

I had taken many trips with some friends to go snowboarding. We found one of the cheapest places was Loveland ski resort; it’s located right before the Eisenhower tunnel.

Snowboarding was easier than I thought it would be. The only hardest part is getting off the lift. No matter how many times I would trip and fall while getting off the chair, I got back up, laughed at myself, boarded down the side of the mountain, and came back up to do it all over again. Yeah, I’m a goofball that way. I enjoy having fun!


Snowboarding with friends in Colorado 2004