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Comic Books Aren’t Just For Boys

I can remember the first time I begged my mom to buy me a box of cereal. She relentlessly told me no, but I kept on and on, until she gave in. I honestly didn’t want the cereal, it was the toy that was inside the box that I wanted. She knew I didn’t like the cereal, that was why she kept telling me no. It was also the last time I would beg for a box of cereal too, as I sat at the table with a bowl of it in front of me for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’m not sure if they still make that particular cereal, but I hated it before I was forced to eat it – Sugar Crisp was what it was called, it had a bear on the front of the box. They also had another name for it, made by another company – Sugar Smacks, it had a frog on the front of the box.

A week ago I was browsing the cereal aisle for myself and for my daughter, when my eye caught Batman and Superman on a few of the General Mills cereal boxes. I looked closely and it said that there was a comic book inside each box. That inner child in me came out and I smiled so big. I had a few comic books growing up, but I didn’t really get into them until I was old enough to start buying them myself. I had quite a few of them too, though I don’t have them anymore as someone thought they needed them more than I did. I quickly picked out a few boxes. I was anxious to see my daughter’s reaction when I showed her one of the comic books I got out of the cereal box. She’s really into superheros and comic book movies, especially Hulk, Spiderman, and The Avengers.

I opened the cereal box, pulled out the comic book and took off the packaging that was protecting it. I handed it to my daughter, who took off with it. I followed her into her room and watched with delight as she was thumbing the pages carefully, looking over each page with curiosity. Later that night at bedtime she asked me to read it to her. My heart leaped with joy, why, sure I would.

A few days later we were walking around a book store when she noticed the comic books and asked to go down that aisle. I pushed the buggy into the aisle as we looked around, more specifically for something that might interest her. Her eyes quickly found the Hulk and so I gave her one to look at. She wanted me to read it to her right then, so I did. She had picked out three Hulk comics that she decided she couldn’t part with and I gladly bought them for her. As soon as we got into the car, she asked for them, and I happily gave them to her. I watched her for a few minutes as she opened one, turning the pages with that childlike curiosity. She still thumbs through them today, though she makes up her own story as she turns the pages.

Saying Farewell to Spiderman

It was around Halloween last year that my daughter started getting into Spiderman. I had rented the newest Spiderman movie, The Amazing Spider-Man, and sat down to watch it with my little girl. A few days later we were strolling the costume aisles trying to find a costume for her. Since she hadn’t grown much, the choices of costumes was difficult. The only thing I could find for her were way too infant looking, but the ones that were supposed to be her size, should she have grown some, were way too big. We continued to walk around when she spotted a Spiderman costume. I had to politely say no, being the only girl to go trick-or-treating in a group with five boys, I wanted her to have a girly costume. Not to mention that Spiderman isn’t just my daughter’s favorite comic book hero, so there was a chance that one of the boys would be dressing up as him for Halloween.


Instead of getting her the costume I bought her a Spiderman movie. Then for her birthday I got her a Spiderman toy. For Christmas a Spiderman cartoon on DVD. Several months later I was shopping for shirts and shorts for her, she spotted a Spiderman tshirt among other superhero tshirts. Since they were all in the little girl section I thought, why not. After all I liked Spiderman too.

It wasn’t long after I got her the Spiderman movie that I noticed it was on constant repeat and the Spiderman tshirt was the only thing she wanted to wear. I think this went on for a few more months until yesterday when I tried to put the Spiderman tshirt on her. She cried out that she wanted to wear her Dora tshirt. It just donned on me that she hasn’t bothered with any of her Spiderman things. Have we finally said farewell to Spiderman and moved on to something else?

I looked at my daughter with a frown and jokingly pouted, adding a dramatic sniffle. She turns towards me and gives me a worried look, “What’s wrong Mommy?”

“I’m afraid you don’t like Spiderman anymore,” I tell her, holding up the Spiderman tshirt.

She frowns along with me and says, “It’s okay,” then reaches ever so slowly for the Dora shirt I had laying on my lap. I sniff again for added dramatic effect and she stands up and gives me a hug, patting me on the back. I was biting my lip, trying hard not to laugh. She sits back down on her bed and I say, “I guess it’s goodbye Spiderman.” She didn’t reply, only put her Dora tshirt on and ran out of the room.

It’s amazing how quick kids can transition from one thing to another, how they can love one thing, then move onto something else. I had planned on making her a Spiderman costume for Halloween, though with an added tutu. I know she would’ve loved it. Now to figure out what she would prefer instead. I don’t know, maybe she’ll still pick a Spiderman costume, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see, Halloween is only a few months away.

Its just crackers!

There’s a difference in Cheez-It crackers, trust me, my three year old will point it out to you; she has pointed it out to me. She and I both like Cheez-It crackers. I took to buying the Spiderman ones because of the colorful character on the box. I thought it would appeal to her and I was right, it did, and it has; I bought two. When it was time to buy some more the spot where I would find the Spiderman crackers was empty, but next to that spot were Scrabble Cheez-Its. I bought two thinking nothing of my daughter’s later reactions.

I continued with my shopping, paid for my items, went home and put them away. When she came up to me asking for a snack, I opened the newly purchased Scrabble crackers, poured them into her own little bowl she has, and gave it to her. She looked at the box and then looked at the crackers and began fussing, “Spiman, Spiman!” She wanted Spiderman crackers, to which I replied, “Baby, they were out of Spiderman, these are ABC crackers.” I pick up one of her crackers with a letter on it, “See, this one has an ‘E’ on it!” I said with as much excitement as I could. I grabbed the box and pointed to the letters, “See, it has letters on them, how neat is that?” She looked at me and started to cry, then threw her bowl of lettered crackers at me. “Spiman!” she kept saying through her sobs.

I look for something else to satisfy her…COOKIES! I hurry to the cabinet and find a few chips ahoy (knock off brand) left in its package and give them to her; this seems to suffice her for now. The next day I go back to the store and Spiderman was on the shelf…YAY me!

Not the end of the story… It seems that this is a popular box of crackers for everyone as I went to the store before she ran out and ran into the same situation again, the Spiderman cracker spot was empty! I went home thinking I would pull a slick one on my little girl and start dumping the Scrabble crackers in with the Spiderman crackers, just so the crackers would last until I can find another box (I’ll buy 6 next time, I swear!). I poured her a small bowl full of crackers and handed them to her. Later on, my three year old daughter proved to me that I’m not as slick and she’s not that dumb; she only ate the Spiderman crackers, leaving the Scrabble ones in the bowl and brought them back to me. I had to laugh. 

Spook City was a blast

I put my daughter down for her nap and started getting things laid out for the Spook City event; costumes, face paints, Halloween gift bags for my niece and nephew, and glow bracelets. I put my shoes by the couch and checked the diaper bag to see if it had enough essentials in it…oh and her sippy cup too! I also placed the camera and my wallet in there as well, as I wouldn’t be carrying my purse.

I painted my nails, then about an hour later I began putting make up on my face. I only needed to shade Imagemy eyes as I was only going to be wearing a mask. Then I got an idea to draw something neat looking around my chin. I had a grease make up pen and drew curly lines to look like a tribal beard tattoo. I looked really interesting.

My sister and her daughter had arrived and started getting ready, and my daughter was up from her nap and I was getting her ready. Then we were all in the car and headed down the road to Benton. We arrived about an hour earlier than the event started, so I was super excited to get a really good parking spot.

We all visited with one another before sending the kids off with my Mother and my youngest sister. I sat with my dad and watched my sister pass out candy, until he mentioned something about antique cars. That’s something he and I have always had in common. We both love classic cars and hot rods.

It wasn’t about thirty minutes later when we ran into my Mother and the kids. She had said something about camel rides. I asked the kids if they wanted to ride a camel, of course I didn’t have to twist any arms. My nephew rode with my niece and I had my daughter ride with me, who couldn’t stop giggling. I was pleased she was enjoying herself, that’s all I ever ask for.

After the camel ride I went back with dad, while Mother and my youngest sister went off with the kids. My other sister and I decided to trade places passing out candy. Once I started to pass out candy it was like a horde of people came up and the line wouldn’t die down. I did however, on a few occasions, scare a few kids because of my costume. I kindly apologize to the parents and handed them a piece of candy. There was one little boy that made me smile though, he said, “I’m Spiderman, nothing scares me.”Image

I received several positive comments on my costume, a few odd requests to touch my nose, and one lady who said she wouldn’t bother having the time, nor the effort to make such a costume. Honestly I don’t do this for me, I do this for the kids. In a way I feel like a big kid. But for two hours I pass out countless pieces of candy to kids of all ages who smile at me, saying trick or treat and thank you. Some kids don’t have a neighborhood to go trick or treating in. And some neighborhoods may not be safe for some kids. So I think this is a wonderful event that the city does that I’m happy to be a part of. Even my four year old niece and eight year old nephew passed out candy. I’m really looking forward to next year!

Halloween is in a few days!