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Not a fan of fast food

I have two biology projects to work on, both are due tomorrow. I have finally finished the second one. Now I’m working on typing up the essay for the second project. The second project was for us students to eat out at five different fast food restaurants and type then up the calories, fat calories, fat grams, protein, sodium, cholesterol, and fiber on a specific website for each place we eat out at, for everything we consume, food and drink. Then type up an essay about where we ate and what we thought about this project.

The thing about living here in Bryant is that I’m surrounded by a plethora of restaurants, so I would not have a hard time on picking five places, that’s the easy part of the project. The hard part on this project is to afford eating out when I would prefer to buy food at the market and prepare the meal at home, for about fourth the price of what it would cost to go out and eat these days. The other hard part is eating food that isn’t good for me. I’m not big on eating a huge amount of sodium. During and after my pregnancy I was battling high blood pressure and a huge amount of sodium is one thing that I should steer clear of in order to keep my blood pressure from going back up. I’m proud to say that I’ve been able to get my health back in line and my blood pressure back to normal, but high blood pressure does run in my family.

Another thing that people aren’t aware of is not only does sodium raise your blood pressure, but it starts to chew away at your bones, making them brittle. As a woman this is bad, especially as I start to get older, things like osteoporosis would also start to set in.

I’m not trying to sound paranoid, but if you have things that run in your family that concern you as things in my family concerns me, you would react the same way as I do. Cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and arthritis. Obesity is another thing that runs in my family. I’m thankful that I have lost most of my baby weight, though I could stand to lose a few more pounds. You’re probably laughing, saying, but I just read your Dunkin Donut blog you just posted yesterday. I know, I know, it was opening day and I just had to have that one donut. I haven’t been back…yet. 😉

I had slipped a disk in my lower back which causes great discomfort when walking, so it’s hard to do much exercise, therefore I try to watch what I eat. Another reason I try to eat healthy is my daughter. She’ll eat what I eat. I’m proud to say that she loves fruits and veggies and asks for more. I try to show her healthy food choices by what I consume. Though once in awhile I’ll stop by McDonald’s, they do have salads and yogurt and smoothies (my little girl loves yogurt and smoothies) instead of getting the hamburgers and nuggets. I do get her the kids meal, though she doesn’t eat all of her fries and nuggets, but she does eat all of her apples and drinks all of her milk. And yes, the occasionally donut, but I don’t eat them every day and neither does she.

What are some of your food wrongs and rights?