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A Little Snow To Play In


The other day it had snowed a few inches. Just enough to go out and play in it. It wasn’t soft as snow should be. It was crunchy, as if it was an ice mixture. My daughter enjoyed it though. She mostly walked around the backyard, then the front, taking a few minutes to bend over and scoop some up in her glove covered hands. She looked at it with curiosity as children do. This is the second time she’s been out to play in the snow. The first time I think she was not even a year old yet; she’s now four. I took a few minutes to teach her how to throw a snowball, to which she enjoyed finding me as her target. It didn’t take long for the snow to all melt away; it was already gone the next day.



We were supposed to have gotten several inches of snow today. The weatherman on each news station had been warning us for days on the upcoming snow storms arrival, how many inches we’ll get, when it’ll be here, etc. Would you know, I woke up with my alarm clock, looked out side, and no snow! I was in a way, disappointed. I was looking forward to another snow day. Another opportunity to go out and play with my girl. Although, I am looking forward to some warmer weather and enjoyed the sun shining bright in the sky this morning. The temperature is still too cold, but I’ll enjoy the day nonetheless.