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Easy to make sensory toys

One of my daughter’s therapist had mentioned making a sensory toy that my daughter could play with. It would be something like a sensory ball and could just as easily help out with her meltdowns. Yesterday, I went to my local Walmart and got a few crafts to make my daughter a few of these sensory toys.

It’s just a water bottle with a few items in it that would catch her attention for a few minutes to however long it would take to calm her. Or it could be used as a regular toy to occupy her for a few minutes or more.


Some of the things I had here at home, but as you can see from the picture it is nothing more than a few water bottles, confetti (or glitter), beads, acrylic jewels, super glue, vegetable oil, a funnel, and food coloring.

The first bottle is nothing more than confetti, beads, and acrylic jewels. Dump about a fourth of the water out of the bottle. Using a funnel put the confetti, beads, and acrylic jewels in the bottle. You can use a few to however many of these items in your water bottle, but not too much. Imagine making a homemade snow globe, but instead it’s a water bottle with shimmery items in it.

As soon as you put these items into the water bottle, add water up to about an inch from the top so that the child, or you can shake the bottle. Super glue the grooves around the mouth of the bottle and put the cap back on. This seals the cap so that no one can open it and then have a mess to clean up.

The second bottle is also easy to make and one of my favorites. I actually think it’s almost everyone’s favorite. It’s the ocean in a bottle.


Dump half the water out of the bottle, add a few drops of blue food coloring or any color you wish, then add the vegetable oil. Supposed to be clear oil, but I only had yellow colored oil. It still looks neat though. Again, seal the cap with super glue.