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This Week’s One Word Photo Challenge: Bittersweet

This week’s One Word Photo Challenge is Bittersweet. This one was a tough one. I couldn’t find anything in this whole house that was a bittersweet color. It’s been bleak and grey here with the sleet, snow, and freezing rain we’ve been getting for the past few weeks, so there was no luck in finding anything colorful outside. Then I went to water (just a tad bit of water) my grandmother’s orchid and if you look closely, you can see a hint of the color bittersweet.


I also took a look through my photos to see if I had anything and found a one. Anyone remember using these things? Yes, I know what it is, just neat that my mother still has one lying around the house. I didn’t ask if she had any 45’s to go with it.

45 center piece

Before anyone ask me, yes, I know what this is. Also, as you can tell, it belongs to my Mother.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

Not many young people know what the item I’m holding in the picture is. Though I’ll be 35 in a few months, I know exactly what it is, and it’s purpose. These days it’s hard to find records, unless you go to an antique store. It’s even harder to find parts for your old record player too. The item I’m holding is a 45 adapter – it sits in the center hole of a 45 singles record, so that you can place it on your record turnstile and play the record.


That’s my Mother’s name written all over the 45 adapter. As you can see, it belongs to her.