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A Typical Friday Morning

I walk through the door on the the cafe side of Hastings in Benton. It has become my usual place to be on Friday mornings.

I sit at one of the tables that are situated between the magazines and the Hardback Coffee Cafe. Immediately I begin pulling out my notebook, pen, and the current manuscript I’m working on and begin to work.

My other writing places are at home, Pulaski Tech’s library, and the Bryant public library. The change of scenery seems to help my creative mind. This is how I have learned to break my writer’s block.

I love it here, being surrounded by books. It’s just like being at the library, but it has a different atmosphere. The aroma of coffee, my favorite smell, teases my nose. Its alluring magic overwhelms my sense of want like an imaginary hand, pulling my attention towards the coffee counter. I get up and place my order, Chai tea frappe.

I watch the tall blonde young woman make my order. Her hair pulled up in a short pony tail. She has a colorful tattoo on her arm that I cannot quite make out and a bracelet that looks to be made out of blue plastic beads. She sets my cup down in front of me and tells me how much it is. I hand her exact change and return to my seat.

I slowly drink my frappe and the cold taste hits my taste buds; a wonderful mixture of vanilla and creme, sweetness and cold. It hits the spot and the imaginary hand soon disappears.

I finally begin to write. The words just pour out onto the page. Customers come in and out through the door behind me, ordering their drinks. I never stop to look up to watch them, though I can see them in my peripheral view. Some sit and tap on their laptops, or browse through the magazines before moving into the other part of the store.

A lady sitting at the table next to mine taps away at her laptop. She’s been here every Friday like me, though she arrives before I do. I listen unintentionally to her long fake nails clicking on the keyboards. They make a rhythmic, yet annoying sound, but only last for a few minutes as she packs her laptop into its bag and leaves.

The employees behind the register rotate out. The young blonde woman is replaced by a tall, dark haired young man with a beard. He turns the music on, playing it low on the speakers overhead. Immediately he begins to sing along. First it’s Adele, followed by Christina Aguilera. i smile, still staring down at my notebook. Soon I find myself humming along. I don’t seem to mind listening to him sing as he isn’t bad.

He walks around the small cafe, wiping the table tops. I look up and my eyes wonder to the magazines. Famous places, cars, faces, and movie stars stare back at me. It’s time for a mental break. I pack my things into my bag and head back towards the books.

After a few minutes of walking through the aisles at a snail’s pace, my phone rings. My sister wants to meet up for lunch. Pizza. My stomach helps me answer yes. I didn’t realize the time, it was almost 1 PM. I had been here for three and a half hours. Time had surely flown, but yet I made great use of that time. I’m looking forward to next Friday morning and begin, what seems like a routine, all over again.


I’ve been reading some post and it seems some writers are suffering from writers block. I tend to get that at times too. Not to mention I also get distracted very easily, especially if I’m on a computer that has internet access. It’s easy to drift off to Facebook to see who’s status has been updated and what they’ve said or the recent Twitter post from one of the Celeb’s was just updated. That’s usually what I’m up too when I end up staring at my computer screen blankly, trying to think of the next story line to add into the next chapter.

Most recently I’ve become addicted to Pinterest. I’m curious to see what creative things I could do with my daughter, or what recipes look good. Then I’m checking on future projects for my daughter as she gets a few years older, then things I would love to wear, or jewelry items I could make.

The best way for me to combat writers block is to relocate myself elsewhere, like the library, a park or the front porch (if the weather is nice). Mostly, I’m found at the library. They have those cozy chairs next to a set of picture windows where I can gaze outside and daydream. Suddenly my creative juices are flowing again. That’s usually what it takes, a change of scenery. Here at home I have the phone, TV, or internet to easily distract me, which doesn’t help when I’m trying to concentrate.

What do you do for writers block?

Books about Vampires and Dragons

I love books, I love to read. I spend quite a bit of time at the library. Most of the time I walk out with a stack of books knowing I don’t have time to read them all. When I browse, it’s usually the cover or the spine that catches my eye. I love art, so it’s whatever jumps out at me, will grab my attention. I rarely look at the author, unless it’s one of my favorite authors and I’m specifically looking for. I love new, first time authors.

First I read the back, if there’s a synopsis written, telling me what the story is about, if not I will open the book to the inside jacket cover and read the synopsis there. Sometimes I will read the first page; if the story grabs my attention enough to make me turn the page, i’ll check the book out.

I read all kinds of genre’s, mostly Fantasy; that’s usually what I write. I’m not a huge fan of romance novels. You would normally find me in the Young Adult section, I find a lot of good books there. I had checked one out not too long ago that I would recommend to anyone who reads Fantasy or Fiction. It’s called Firelight by Sophie Jordan. It was an interesting read and hard to put down. I found it unique, something I haven’t read about before.

Since Twilight, everyone has been overdoing the Vampire scene. I’ve seen a lot of Faery books and a few Werewolf books, but Sophie Jordan’s book, I believe might be a first. I could be wrong on this and would love for someone to correct me (kindly though), but her book is about dragons that have learned to evolved into humans, calling themselves draki. They can manifest (shape shift) themselves back into dragon form and back into human form.

She has a second book of her, four book draki series, called Vanish. My name has been added to a list at the library to check it out. I hope you will check it out too.

Another Fantasy, Mystery, Fiction book that I really loved, I found in the Adult section, is a Vampire series by Chris Farnsworth. I started with the second book, Blood Oath. It’s about a vampire that protects the President of the United States through a blood oath. I thought after ten pages I would put it down and not pick it up again; this is before I started reading it, I was wrong. It was actually a really good book. Written really well. I finished the book within a few days and am now on the third book called Red, White, and Blood.

Both of these books are newer books, so they should be in your local bookstore or library. Check them out.

How I lost my entire work…almost

I reach for my backpack to get my flash drive, only to find that it isn’t there. Suddenly I realize that I had left it in one of the computers at the library at school. I had visited the library early that morning to study for my biology test. I got on the computer to check a few homework items and also check my email, then left for class. I had forgotten about my flash drive completely.

Many people use the college library, especially the computers, so thoughts of someone just taking it and not turning it in was running through my mind. Why is it a big deal you may ask? My flash drive has everything on it. I haven’t had the time to buy a spare one to separate my writings from my schoolwork, so it’s all on one flash drive. So you can see why the panic.

A small flicker of hope sends signals to my brain telling me not to be overly dramatic, that the librarian might’ve seen it and took it to her desk or someone took it to her. It wasn’t a big enough flicker as I felt ill to my stomach and actually tossed and turned most of the night.

I got up early this morning. Forget hitting the snooze button. My daughter and I were actually ready to go on time this morning. I dropped her off and got to my school twenty minutes early. I walked to the library and asked if there were any flash drives turned in. She held two of them up, one of them just so happened to be mine. I wanted to hug her neck, but for the sake of not giving her my cold, I didn’t. I did walk away with a huge grin on my face.

Now to put a leash on this thing so it won’t happen again.