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To Appomattox – A Mini-Series in the Making


Most Americans should know of the American Civil War when asked. We learned about it in grade school from our History books. Some of us may have acted in school plays as Lincoln, reciting the Gettysburg Address. Some of us even have ancestors that fought in the civil war. There are also a few movies that could help fill in some of the blanks, Gettysburg, North and South, Lincoln, just to name a few.

On April 12, 1861, the American Civil War began when Confederate forces fired upon Fort Sumter. For four years, both the Union (The North) and the Confederates (The South) battled against one another in twenty three different states. The majority of those battles were fought in Tennessee and Virginia.

On April 9, 1865, Lee surrenders to Grant at the Appomattox court house, the Confederates lost, the war was over. The American Civil War still remains one of the bloodiest battles in history, with over 620,000 killed from combat, disease, or starvation, and over 476,000 wounded.

A mini-series is currently being filmed called, To Appomattox. It will be the most historically accurate presentation ever to be filmed. They currently have a Kickstarter page going, where you can become involved with their project by donating. With your donations, you can receive really awesome gifts such as cast autographed items, a behind the scenes DVD, a copy of the script, an opportunity to walk on the set, or be an extra, or have an actual speaking part in the mini-series. You can even be a part of the premiere in New York City or Hollywood, as well as the post-premiere party. You could take a tour of the set, or be a part of the meet and greet at one of the screenings. There are more things to list that you will receive from your donations. To see the full list, click here.

By donating, you get to be involved in the production of the mini-series. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, not just for Civil War historians or re-enactors, but for everyone. Everyone should be involved. Click here to find out more details about the mini-series or to donate now.

To Appomattox has a cast of amazing talent: Jason O’Mara, Stephen Lang, Noah Wyle, Richard Speight, Rascal Flatts, Kim Delaney, Trace Adkins, Kix Brooks, Powers Booth, plus many more other famous talents.

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Will we get a Terra Nova?

I’m a HUGE fan of action and adventure. I guess that’s why I love Doctor Who so much. Every episode is adventurous and exciting and leaves you wanting more. I started with Doctor 9 and before I knew it I was hooked. I began to understand the terminology, phraseology, even cried when Doctor 9 left, then really cried when Doctor 10 left. It’s all about being a fan. And a fan I am!

I’m also a fan of Stephen Lang. I’ve seen quite a bit of his work and I admire his talents and his skill of acting. I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with a show that he was in last summer called Terra Nova. It only lasted one season, but I found it very interesting and entertaining. It had action and adventure and it also had dinosaurs. It also had family based drama.

It was something my eight year old nephew looked forward to watching when he came over to my house to stay the night. We had a ritual, I would put my little girl to bed, pop some popcorn, lay out two paper towels on the floor, and fill a bowl of popcorn for him. I would place his bowl on his paper towel and my bowl on my paper towel. Drinks would stay in the kitchen. The two of us would be glued to the TV until commercial break. When the commercials came on, we both looked at each other, smile and say “Wow! That was really cool!”

The first episode begins in the 22nd century.  The environment is over polluted and the air is too harsh to breath; people have to where re-breathers if they chose to go outside. Jim Shannon (played by Jason O’Mara) comes home to his wife and three kids. A few moments later the police knock on their door to search the house. They received word that the Shannon’s have broken the law. In this century the law states that there are to be two kids per household. The police find a third child hiding in a vent. Jim attacks the police officer and is sent to prison.

Scientist has found a way to go back in time, except it’s only a one way passage and its 85 million years. Eighty five million years ago dinosaurs roamed the planet. A few expeditions have gone through and set up housing, preparing for more people to come through. They’ve also set up high fences, surrounding the area to keep dinosaurs from coming into the housing areas. Along the fence lines are gunnery stations, set up with stun guns, rather than live ammo; to stun any and all dinosaurs that come near the fence. They decide to name this place Terra Nova.

Jim Shannon’s wife, Dr. Elisabeth Shannon, (played by Shelley Conn) is picked to be a part of a medical team that goes to Terra Nova. Only one bad thing, she’s only allowed to take her two eldest children with her. She helps her husband escape out of prison and he sneaks himself and their youngest daughter into Terra Nova.

Well, I won’t tell you what happens next, but I will tell you that Terra Nova just came out on DVD; I got mine. I believe it’s a show for all ages. It’s sad that it was short lived all due to the cost of money to keep the show running. But it does make you think, if our planet continues the way it’s going, will Scientist find a way for us to start over? Will they send us into the past and have us create our own Terra Nova?