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WPC: Motion

This week’s photo challenge is, Motion.

Usually, it’s these photos that get deleted as my daughter is constantly in motion, making each photo I snap blurry, or maybe it’s the delayed reaction my camera phone has. However, I did keep a few. One of the pictures below you can see her happiness through the blurred image. Also, my grams, ironing quilt blocks, to which the image came out looking really neat.



Life Choices

Hello, Friday, I’ve missed you!

Oddly, I thought it was May 17th, instead of April 17th. I must be mentally wishing this semester to be over with already and so I can start enjoying this gorgeous weather and outdoor activities with mini me. She’s only a child once and I’m missing out on taking her to the park in the afternoon, or playing with sidewalk chalk and bubbles, all because I’m constantly stuck indoors, on the computer, working on homework every day.

There’s been a couple of times where I’ve skipped doing homework, just so I can play with my daughter; though I got a little behind, I feel it was worth putting it off. I don’t want my daughter growing up feeling that I never spent time with her and constantly pushed her aside in order to keep my nose stuck in the books or to constantly cit in front of the computer, typing up essay after essay.

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy going to class, I just wish to be done with it already and be out there doing what I’ve been going to school for. Three more semesters to go… Graduation date, Dec 2016!

Today’s Daily Prompt asked,

What’s the one piece of advice you wish someone had given you a year (or five, or ten…) ago?

I wish that someone had pointed out to me, that going to college for Aviation maintenance was a bad choice. I had problems while I was in school just from being a female. The constant sexual harassment I had to deal with from the male student population and also from a couple of instructors. I tried to turn them in, but the dean didn’t wish to hear it; I was a minority, there were five females in the entire school, versus a 98% male student population. Plus, there weren’t any female teachers. The owner of the college began firing most of his female office staff. His goal, to make the college an ‘all male’ school. That just made it more uncomfortable being there. Alas, I cut my education short and graduated early, though I did manage to get my Associates Degree in Aviation Airframe.

Then, the recession hit and not only did I have trouble finding a job because I lacked experience, but I couldn’t find a job because the aviation business declined immensely and no one was hiring. I had to work for free to get my experience and didn’t enjoy it. The guy I worked for complained majority of the time about having to work and fussed at me constantly about the need for perfection. I finally quit working for him and started working somewhere that paid; I had a student loan to pay off and was falling into debt.

I fell out of love with aviation, it was more of a childhood dream and all those around me crushed that dream. I didn’t want to be around airplanes anymore.

Six years later, I decided to go back to school, but for something else, something that I will have no problems finding a job doing. There’s a huge market for anthropology, as there are many fields and sub-fields.

I continue to volunteer my time doing many different things as an anthropologist. I don’t even have my degree…yet and I’m enjoying myself. My current favorite, volunteering at the zoo with the large primates.

There will always be a list of shoulda, coulda, wouldas, so change that by finding something you enjoy doing. Live out your dreams. Follow through with your goals. Be happy with your choices.

Happy Friday, everyone!

One Word Photo Challenge: Saffron

This weeks One Word Photo Challenge is Saffron. It’s a beautiful shade of yellow. A bright, cheerful color. Something a lot of us need right now while we’re stuck indoors due to winter weather.

As an anthropologist, I always enjoy attending any and all cultural events, whether it is required to attend for a college class or not. I had taken my daughter to the Turkish Festival last year. We both loved it. The music, the food, the rafts, the people, it was a wonderful outing for my daughter and I. Some events are difficult for my daughter, due to the loud noises and crowds, but this one was one of the better events.

The beautiful saffron colored wall blends well with my daughter’s dark blue shirt. I had purchased a bracelet for her, to which she was mesmerize with, staring at it with curiosity.


Halloween week is the best week

Every year for the past three years, I always find some event to take my daughter to during the last week of October. I usually call it Halloween week, as every event we attend is primarily Halloween based. This year, we found something to do for each day, during Halloween week, starting with Sunday, the 25th. My daughter enjoys this week as much as I do as it allows her to meet her favorite superheros or favorite characters at each event we attend. Plus, she can where her own superhero costume to each of these events. Not to mention, most of these events pass out candy and have bouncy houses.

sh6 sh8 sh7 sh9

This year she wanted to be Captain America for Halloween, but she didn’t like the costumes they had just for boys. I just so happened to find her a Miss Captain America costume at one of the specialty Halloween stores in Little Rock. I think this was her most favorite costume so far, besides the blue and pink supergirl costume that I bought her last year.

Every year we attend Spook City, which is a trick-or-treating event held in Benton, Arkansas. The city blocks off the streets around the court house and all the shops and stores in that area set up a table, tent, or game for all of the kids to partake in. They always have bouncy houses and train rides and sometimes there’s a climbing rock wall. For the past three years that we have been going, Batman has been there. But this year Captain America made an appearance, along with Batman, Frozen’s Elsa and Anna, and a few other superheros.

sppokcity2014-3 sppokcity2014-2 sppokcity2014-1 sppokcity2014-4

My daughter, dressed like Miss Captain America, was over excited when she met Captain America, that she kept jumping and shouting with happiness. She also gave the same reaction when she met Elsa and Anna as well, not to forget singing a few lines of ‘Let It Go’ for them.

The greatest thing about these events is that my daughter doesn’t have to worry about expecting any loud noises, such as the 4th of July or any parade that has motorcycles and firetrucks driving along in the procession. All and all, it was a great week and we’re looking forward to doing it again next year.

sh10 sh4  sh11 sh13 sppokcity2014-5 sh3 sh1 sh12 sh5 sh2