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Finally a Dunkin Donuts opens up

April of this year, ground was broken for the construction of the much anticipated Dunkin Donuts here in Bryant, Arkansas. After a few months of delays and set backs, it finally had its grand opening, yesterday. I drove by on my way to school only to just keep on driving. I was hoping to stop and get a donut and coffee myself, but the parking lot was crowded with no place to park, the lobby was packed with people, and the drive-thru also had very long line. I would’ve been late for class, no wait, I may not have made it to class at all as crowded as it looked, so I continued on to school. I attended my first class then came back to Dunkin Donuts as soon as we were released. My other class wasn’t until two hours later, so I had plenty of time to stand in line, if there was one.

I brought my friend Steaven along, as he’s never had Dunkin Donuts before. When we arrived, there still wasn’t a place to park, but the line inside wasn’t nearly as long as it was this morning. I was impressed though, I knew they were going to do well here. We have a few knock off donut shops in the area, but their donuts are not nearly as good as Dunkin Donuts. I grew up eating DD. I’ve had Krispy Kreme’s and am not a fan, at all. Think I’m just spoiled on DD…thanks dad and grandpa!

The line was moving very swiftly and I was looking around people, trying to find my donut of choice. When we finally got up to the register, I spotted my ultimate favorite, blueberry cake, which I just had to have. I also made sure to get my little girl some donut holes, and also got myself an iced mocha coffee (just to try it). Steaven ordered 2 Bavarian crème donuts and an iced mocha latte coffee.

The service was outstanding and we didn’t have to wait long for our donuts and coffee; they were already waiting for us at the end of the counter after I paid the cashier. We went out to the car where I began to start taking pictures on my cell phone. My sister Jaci always takes pictures of all the DD she stops at along her travels and sends them to me through text message as a tease. Saying, “Ha ha, look where I’m at.” I reply jokingly, “You’re so mean!” So this time I sent pictures teasing her saying, “Nanner, nanner, nanner, I got Dunkin Donuts!” She had to reply that she’s only 5 minutes away from one every day. Well, now I am too! 🙂

I finally bite into my blueberry cake donut and my mouth automatically salivates. My taste buds seem to sing with joy at the yummy goodness! This was well worth the wait. I honestly cannot remember how long it’s been since I’ve had a Dunkin Donut, but I’m so, so happy to see that they have come to Bryant, Arkansas! I’m definitely going to be a repeat customer! 😉