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I’ve been reading some post and it seems some writers are suffering from writers block. I tend to get that at times too. Not to mention I also get distracted very easily, especially if I’m on a computer that has internet access. It’s easy to drift off to Facebook to see who’s status has been updated and what they’ve said or the recent Twitter post from one of the Celeb’s was just updated. That’s usually what I’m up too when I end up staring at my computer screen blankly, trying to think of the next story line to add into the next chapter.

Most recently I’ve become addicted to Pinterest. I’m curious to see what creative things I could do with my daughter, or what recipes look good. Then I’m checking on future projects for my daughter as she gets a few years older, then things I would love to wear, or jewelry items I could make.

The best way for me to combat writers block is to relocate myself elsewhere, like the library, a park or the front porch (if the weather is nice). Mostly, I’m found at the library. They have those cozy chairs next to a set of picture windows where I can gaze outside and daydream. Suddenly my creative juices are flowing again. That’s usually what it takes, a change of scenery. Here at home I have the phone, TV, or internet to easily distract me, which doesn’t help when I’m trying to concentrate.

What do you do for writers block?