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Getting Closer To Animals

Since I’ve been having my daughter do hippotherapy (horseback riding therapy), she’s been more calm and relaxed around animals to the point of getting close enough to pet them. This is not just horses, but it is also cats and dogs. We don’t have pets here at home because my grandmother doesn’t want them, so animals are not a part of my daughter’s natural environment. But since I’ve been taking her horseback riding regularly, she’s becoming accustomed to animals and is even seeing that they are actually okay to be near. Normally she would start screaming excitedly and try to get as far away from whatever animal she sees. If I am holding her she will try to climb up me to prevent whatever animal from jumping up and touching her.


This weekend I watched her walk up to a horse and pet it without me saying anything to her. She did the same to a couple of cats. One of my parents cats was sitting at a window, looking outside, my daughter sits right next to him and looks outside with him. My daughter even laid on a coffee table next to my sister’s cat and let the cat stretch out towards her.

To some this may seem odd that I am even talking about it, but to me these are the small steps that I have to take in an every day life with an Autistic child. Small steps are even considered giant leaps, depending on what the situation is.


Today, I was approached by one of my daughter’s teachers on how to help my daughter in some of her meltdowns. I was so happy that she had asked me, because I know how she is at home, she is going to be the same way at school. There’s a long list of things I have to instruct people on how to deal with my daughter, that are in her every day life, such as daycare. It’s good to see that she has people at her daycare that are willing to help my daughter and are willing to work with her.

I, as a mom and as a person who was bullied at home and at school, am concerned about my daughter’s future when she starts school. I do try my best to have her ready, but it’s the small steps that are necessary in getting there.


Slowly Breaking Habits

My daughter, from about the time she was one, has always had to carry a toy or two, or a bucketful along with her to the car. It didn’t matter if I was just driving down the street to the bank, she still had to have her toys with her. And if I were going into the store, she had to take her toys in with her. If I didn’t allow her to take them, it would create a meltdown.


Let’s see, I got my sippy cup, airplane, giraffe, little lamb, and dinosaur. Did I forget anything?

There’s only been one time where I couldn’t allow her to take a toy into the store with us, as it was her big plastic dump truck. I can understand why she loves the thing, it is colorful, it’s a big cool truck, and it can carry more of her toys. But I’m not sure the store’s employees or security team would see it that way, especially if she tosses it out of the buggy a few times and I relentlessly give it back to her, rather than leaving it where she threw it.

When I say meltdowns, some people just think, oh it’s just a toddler thing. But to those who have Autistic children or have worked with them know how Autistic children can be when it comes to needing that particular toy or item. Autistic children can either be very smart or the complete opposite. They don’t understand feelings, like if they hit you, they don’t know that it hurts. They can’t understand why they can’t have a certain toy, or a cookie before dinner. This leads to a meltdown.

My daughter has a Sensory Processing Disorder which means certain things feel funny to her, or she doesn’t like it if you touch her hands, or feet. She can’t stand the feel of mud on her skin, or silly putty, or anything that feels wet on her skin (unless she’s taking a bath or swimming in the pool), her reaction is to quickly wash whatever it is off of her.

She also has the tendency to hit herself when she has a meltdown, sometimes even bangs her head against something, mostly the floor. When I say she hits herself, I’m not talking about a light tap, she has her hands in a fist and literally hits herself in the head or her arms, really hard.

She has a wonderful group of therapist that see her each day. And I had the chance to see what all they do with her this past summer. By seeing how they work and her reactions I’ve been able to continue the same process with my daughter myself. Like drawing, coloring, helping her with her shapes and colors, puzzles, playdoh, the list is endless on the amount of activities and all to continue to help my daughter throughout the day.

Most recently we’ve been working on keeping the toys and stuffed animals in the car, instead of taking them in with us. I think she started doing this when I started taking her swimming this summer. I told her calmly that we couldn’t take all of her toys with her, but she could play with them once we got back in the car. I began to notice that she started leaving her toys in the car when we took our trips to the store and now when I drop her off at daycare in the mornings. She still has meltdowns, but not when I ask her to leave her toys in the car.

I’m a toddler and I’ll cry if I want to

My daughter has been seeing a speech therapist; actually the therapist comes to visit my daughter at her daycare. Since she doesn’t talk that much and has a hard time with words, or asking for something, or doesn’t have much of a vocabulary, she has to visit with a speech therapist once a week. I was told that after next week the therapist will be seeing her twice a week, she didn’t explain to me why. I have seen a little improvement in her speech as far as using actual words when she talks, rather than babel.

Today when I picked my daughter up from daycare the therapist was still there, giving my daughter her lesson. One of the teachers directed me to the room they were in and I poked my head in the door to see how they were doing. I could tell right away that it wasn’t going that well long before I reached the room as I could her my daughter crying. The therapist looked up from my daughter to see that I was standing in the doorway and asked me if she usually cried for long periods of time. I told her, yes, sometimes longer.

My daughter is three, so it’s a toddler thing to cry endless for something, especially when you tell them no. No matter how nice I tell her no, even when not using the word no, she will cry and throw a tantrum. The therapist finally told me why she was crying, she wasn’t done playing with a ball before the therapist took it away wanting to move onto another lesson.

My daughter finally calmed down after the therapist let her play with a matching game on her cell phone. At this very moment she is playing a similar matching game on my kindle. I find it keeps her occupied until she decides she’s hungry. When she comes home from daycare I always have something prepared for her to eat, but she begins crying for maybe an hour until she decides she’s actually hungry and will finally come to the table to eat.

I am just now going through the terrible toddler stages. She didn’t have the terrible twos and has only had one week of the terrible threes, which was several months ago. I have been blessed with a wonderful child though, so I guess I’ll see how long this phase will last.

Rough Morning

I think I hit the snooze twice this morning; Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I have early classes, which means getting up at 5:45AM. Even though my first class doesn’t start until 8AM, I have to battle morning traffic starting from my street all the way to the school; not to mention dropping my daughter off at daycare. After 8AM it’s normally a ten minute drive to school. But I was actually more awake this morning than I normally am, especially for having to get up so early. And I was in my usual good mood.

It doesn’t take me long to get ready; ten to fifteen minutes, that’s including the shower. I’ll open my daughter’s bedroom door, as most of the time this will wake her up, make my bed, and then go start breakfast. If she hasn’t come into the kitchen by the time I’m done making breakfast, I know it’s going to be a rough morning. This morning was the top of the list of roughest mornings yet. It’s a fairly short list because the list has just been created, but it is starting to grow.

My daughter hadn’t given me any problems when she was two, so I never fully understood the term ‘terrible twos’. It seemed that a few weeks ago, when I dropped my daughter off at daycare and came back to pick her up, I picked up the wrong child. She looked like my daughter, but acted like someone completely different; different attitude, different behavior.

I was actually late to class this morning because of her throwing a tantrum. It wasn’t just for a few minutes either. I couldn’t get her dressed this morning, then I couldn’t get her to eat, nor get her shoes on, her hair brushed. I carried her out the door kicking and screaming only because Grandma was carrying her truck since I couldn’t; my hands were already full with diapers, a screaming child, my drink, and my backpack. I tried to give her the truck only for her to throw it across the seat. I tell her to calm down, it’s okay … but that didn’t help her.

She cried all the way to the daycare. She wouldn’t get out of the car without her truck. I gave her truck to her and proceed to carry her in and she tosses it across the parking lot and starts to scream and cry again. By now I feel like crying. I drop her off in her classroom and say she’s been like this since she got up this morning, I’m so sorry to just leave her like this. My daughter’s wailing gets louder and I say even louder, ‘I’m going to be late for class’. I was stressed and frankly, I was really upset and just wanted to leave; I still had the morning rush-hour interstate traffic to deal with.

She goes to bed around the same time every night, I haven’t changed her diet, she doesn’t drink soda; I’m starting to narrow things down. Then other mom’s with older children start to point it out to me that it’s the beginning of the ‘terrible three’s’. I’m just thinking to myself, “Oh no! I just want my sweet, lovable little girl back! The one that laughs and giggles all the time. The one that goes to bed when I ask her to. This isn’t the child I’m used to having.”

The classes that I am taking this semester make up for my stressful mornings. On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s we talk about the news in my first class, the next class we talk about literature, and then I have creative writing to finish the day. On Monday’s and Wednesday’s class we talk about other cultures. All of them are really great classes.

Stay calm and…Santa!!!

Today, Santa visited the daycare where my daughter attends. I spent some time at daycare with her today and got to see first hand how the first few hours of their day goes. WOW! Exhausting! I did have fun though and some of the other kids seem to enjoy me being there. I got to play toys and read a few books to them. Then my daughter and I colored.

One of the ladies from the office came to my daughter’s  class room and said it was time for her class to go meet Santa. I could tell my daughter was excited as she grabbed my hand and was tugging on it, trying to get us out the door quicker. All the kids in her class held hands and walked quietly down the hall; my daughter was holding my hand the whole time.

When we rounded the corner a few teachers were blocking the kids view, so they didn’t see Santa right away. All the kids in my daughter’s class were asked to sit along the wall so that they could wait their turn in line to visit with Santa. Santa was already chatting with one little boy and they were getting their pictures taken.

Finally the teachers moved and the kids saw Santa, including my daughter. She let go of my hand and took off running toward Santa with a huge grin on her face. “Santa!!” she was calling out.

Everyone thought it was cute. She was trying to crawl up into his already occupied lap. The other kids had to be asked to go up there, some kids had a hard time even approaching Santa. Not my child! She was excited and ready to see the jolly man!!

This picture (found on Pinterest) of Will Farrell from Elf reminds me of her just then!


Too Much Stress Made Me Crash

The week of my finals had me stressed to the limits. I had stayed up late studying, got up early and fixed mine and my daughter’s breakfast, took her to daycare, then either went to school myself if I had class or went to the library to study some more. The day before my biology final I spent the entire day studying…mostly. There was just too much material to thumb through honestly and none of us knew what was going to be on the final.

That night I didn’t sleep very well, thoughts of germs and bacteria and dissections were some of the things that were running through my mind. I tossed and turned until I heard the alarm clock go off. I knew my blood pressure was up because I didn’t feel too well. I had a headache and I felt sick to my stomach. I’ve taken quite a few college finals before, but I’ve never stared at a test like I was staring at this one and felt the urge to throw up. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, then released, and began taking my test.

After I was done I felt a little better. I was more confident that I passed. Some of the questions were like déjà vu from previous test. It was easier than I thought it would be. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. My headache went away and I felt more relaxed. It wasn’t until a few days later when I got my grade that I saw that I made an A…in the class. I was impressed. The entire semester I was stressing out, thinking that I wasn’t going to pass or that I was at least going to get a C. Well, I wouldn’t mind getting a C.

Thursday was my biology final, then Sunday was Christmas with my sister and brother in law. I hadn’t wrapped a thing! Not to mention shopped for food! I had planned on making her a picture collage as well, but I had not had the time to go through her CDs she gave me to pick out pictures, not to mention getting the pictures developed for the project once I pick out which pictures I like on her CDs; I was able to get this accomplished on Saturday and the photo collage finished by Saturday night.

Come Monday, I was exhausted. Though I had a list of things that I had planned to do, I had dropped Dublin off at daycare, came home and took a nap. I did not wake up until it was time to pick her up. I took a short nap yesterday, but today I feel more caught up and ready to roll.

Toys in School


I was sitting at a table in the library at school, studying for my algebra test today when I felt like I needed a tissue; I usually have one in my pocket. I stuck my hand in my jacket pocket and felt something a little different than what I usually have in there; normally it’s keys, cell phone, and tissues. But what I found was a toy air plane, one that my daughter just got for Christmas this past Saturday. I smiled and laughed, thinking of my little girl, she likes to grab toys in the morning, hoping that she can keep them at daycare to play with. Most of the time I get the teacher to confiscate them and put them in her cubby or I can either get my daughter to leave them in the car or take them before I leave her at daycare.

She loves to play with cars (Hot Wheels), but her class doesn’t have many cars to play with. Actually they don’t have that many toys to play with and her class is a large one with eighteen toddlers. Is it selfish or terrible that I feel like donating a bunch of cars, trains, and trucks just for the little kids in her class to play with and/or so she also has something to play with?

This Friday I’ll be going through all of her toys and taking out all of the old ones that she’s outgrown and donating them to the daycare; I’ve already asked the daycare if they would like for me to donate her old toys to them and they are more than happy to receive them. My youngest sister will be doing the same with her daughter’s toys. Most daycares are usually more than happy to receive such a donation. I’ve wanted to do this for the longest time, but haven’t had the ‘time’ to do it. This isn’t so my daughter could play with her old toys at daycare, it’s to make room for the new toys she’s about to get for her birthday (in a week and a half) and Christmas; mostly to get rid of the toys she no longer plays with and has outgrown.

If you have ever wanted to go through your child’s or children’s toys and sort out the old ones, you can donate them to any daycare. Just call and ask, majority of them will probably say yes. This also includes school supplies (crayons, construction paper, etc.).

My toddler gets half her class to strip

The last couple of days have been kind of warm for December; in the mid and low seventies. Yesterday I didn’t bother putting on a jacket myself, but I’m not bothered by weather that ranges from sixty to eighty degrees. It was a little chilly yesterday morning, with a slight breeze and since my daughter has a little bit of a cold I had put a long sleeve shirt on her and a jacket. The forecast said it was supposed to be cloudy and windy all day and the temperatures were supposed to drop to the high sixties.

I thought if it was really warm her teacher at daycare wouldn’t bother putting her jacket on her; which she said she didn’t. But when I was there to pick her up that afternoon her teacher told me that my daughter had set off a stripping domino effect. I know that once my little girl gets hot, she starts to peel off her shirt and run around the house this way. I usually chase her down and just put cooler clothes on her, but she was at daycare and all she had was spare winter clothes as it has been cold until these past few days.

Her teacher told me they were all out on the playground and my daughter pulled her shirt off and took off running. A few moments later four kids in her class had done the same thing. She has eighteen kids in her class and two teachers. I could imagine this setting off a larger chain reaction.

I just stood there biting my lip, holding in a snicker, trying not to smirk. I thought it was funny and cute. I didn’t know if the teacher was trying not to smile or if she was stressed. I can imagine her job is pretty tough handling eighteen kids, but also trying to keep up with my little one. She always has something new to tell me every day. Sometimes I feel like saying, “Uh oh!” And other times I just want to burst out laughing, saying, “Yep, that is so me right there when I was her age.”

My daughter, ‘The Prepared and Ready’

ImageMy daughter was ready to go this morning, I however, was not. It’s definitely Monday and I had six days off from school, I was not prepared nor willing to go back. She had four days off from school and she was more than ready.

She stood there by the door, smiling, and waiting for me. I had already put her jacket on. While I was walking around the house looking for my things, she had gone to her room and got a pair of knit gloves out of her dresser drawers and put them on, then got a bucket and put some of her toys in it.

You would think I would have everything sorted last night before I went to bed, I would think I would too, but she was not willing to go to bed last night. It was late by the time I even found my pillow. By then sleep was the only thing I was thinking of. The only thing I had taken care of last night was my backpack. I put all of my books, paper, pencils, and all into my bag and sat it on the couch.

The only thing I had trouble finding this morning was my sunglasses, keys, and put my wallet in my backpack. Then I realized I needed to cash a check and had to go grab it. I found my glasses and wallet, but couldn’t find my keys. I searched and searched, then EUREKA! I turn and look, my little girl is still standing by the door, smiling, still waiting on me. I had to take a picture.

Happy Monday everyone!

Kids and mudpuddles

Every time it rains it never fails that when I pick my daughter up from daycare, her clothes will be soaked. Her teacher tells me she has a knack for finding water. They can’t get to the toys fast enough to drain them of the rain water or towel them off before my daughter finds it first. I’m told she’s either feet first jumping in it, splashing or patting up as the water splashes all around. No matter, she’s still getting soaked. It’s a good thing I send her to daycare with fresh clothes as a just in case. I guess I must’ve planned ahead. But what child doesn’t like splashing in mud puddles? It’s fun, right? Well, for them it is.

I stood there smiling, holding in a laugh as her teacher was telling me this and also how she like to play in the toilet bowl water. She isn’t the only child that does that either. My first thought, was ‘ah nasty!’ Well, their toilets are down to their level and only have seats, no lids, so it isn’t like you can put the lids down like I do here at home. A thing that they could do to keep them from getting into the bathroom is to put a lock on the door so they can’t reach it to open it, or put one of those door knob covers on the door. I have those all over the house.

It hasn’t rained today nor last night and I got the laundry all caught up. Crossing my fingers that lil miss comes home in dry clothes today.