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Lil Miss first day of school

It’s my daughter’s first day of daycare. I put her down and tell the teachers what time I’ll be back to pick her up. I wave bye to my lil miss and say, “I’ll see you later sweetie.” She doesn’t cling to my leg like a drier sheet, screaming, “Mommy, please don’t go! I want to go with you! Please take me with you!” Instead, she simply runs off to play with the other children.

I’m amazed and happy at how easy this is, but yet, deep inside I’m crushed. I wish to at least comfort my little girl somewhat and say, “You’ll have fun at school, make friends, learn a lot of new things. I’ll be back later to pick you up, it’s only for a few hours.” I watch my little girl from afar, babbling away with two other little girls her age. I say bye to her teachers and leave.

The entire day I was curious what my lil miss was up to. How was her day was going. When I arrived to pick her up it was the moment I sought earlier. She ran up to me and clung to me like that drier sheet I was looking for earlier. She missed me and I missed her.

My daughter loves toilet paper

Kids can make you laugh, can make you cry, and sometimes make you say what the funny?? My daughter has a fascination with toilet paper. Every chance she gets, when she’s in the bathroom, she gives the toilet paper roll a slap and watches the sheets spin off, all the while giggling. I was called to come see what my daughter was into this time, which is normal around here, only to find that she emptied a semi-new roll all over the bathroom floor. A string of sheets led into her room and down the hall.

Gram’s couldn’t stop laughing. Her potty was full of toilet paper. And there stood my daughter, holding a handful of TP, trying to pick the lid up on the adult size potty to shove what she could of the evidence that surrounded her. Gram’s tells me to go grab my camera. I’m sure I’ll be saving many pictures to show here later.

I think I’ll wait until she has kids so I can say, “Yes, I raised their mom, here’s proof.” More or less she can see what she has to look forward to.