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My Little Drummer Girl


Notice how she’s sitting on a smaller popcorn tin. I really had no help in this!

If my daughter could write, she would probably ask Santa for a drum set. There are four empty popcorn tins sitting under one of the desk in the office here at home. Usually she’s blocked off from coming back here as there’s way too much stuff she can get into. When she does come back here, either Grandma or myself is sitting here on the computer, she then helps herself to the tins, pulling them out and arranging them to the way she likes them, and starts hitting on them with her hands like a set of bongos.

I may be biased, but I think she’s actually pretty good. Maybe she got the music gene from my side of the family. I know she’s drawn an interest to my Grandmother’s piano that sits in the living room. Every once and awhile Grandma or I will sit and play it; Dublin will come along and want to sit on the bench or in our laps and peck on the keys with us.

At what age do you start putting a child into music classes? She can’t even read or write yet, let allow sit still for two seconds (she also gets that from me). I know that almost every child is drawn to music. A commercial comes on the television, playing music, and instantly my daughter will come from where ever she is, stand in front of the TV and start dancing.

I always try to encourage her to dance by joining her. Sometimes I sing along, if I know the words; though I’m not Carrie Underwood or anything, I do enjoy singing. Thank goodness I’m the only one taking the pictures as I tend to get a little silly, that’s just to entertain my little girl. I’m sure she’s probably thinking, “Man, I have one goofy mom!”