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My new website


I wanted to let everyone know that I have a new website thanks to both Jessica and Chris Scott at Scottys Web Design. They’ve done a wonderful job creating my webpage. Please go check them out:  http://www.facebook.com/ScottysWebDesign

When you visit their page ask Jessica about the scrumptious cupcakes she creates.

Here’s a link to my new webpage: http://www.authorjennifernadams.com  There’s a section where you can click to buy a copy of my book, that comes straight from me, so if you want it personalized please let me know in your purchase order to whom it is autographed to.

Twinkies and Cup Cakes make a come back


Yesterday I stopped at the Walmart in Benton (Arkansas) for a few items to make dinner with and also a few sewing items for my gram’s. I walked up and down a few aisles in the food section as well as the craft department, grabbing the things I needed. When I was on my way to check out I glanced over and saw the words Hostess Cup Cakes, but kept on walking. “Wait a minute,” I said to myself. I took a few steps back and stared in surprised at seeing the Hostess display. I walked all the way around, still in shock, seeing only a few Hostess items that made their come back; Twinkies, Cup Cakes, and donuts. What I also noticed is that it was almost picked cleaned. I hurried and grabbed my box of Twinkies and Cup Cakes, just in time too as two ladies came up and grabbed a couple boxes of each items. 


I headed towards the checkouts, placed my items on the belt, and proceeded to wait my turn in line to pay for my items. A couple came behind, placing their items on the belt. I glanced over to make sure they had the separating bar placed between their items and mine (a habit of mine for a good reason), and noticed they too had Twinkies among their items.

I was anxious to get dinner started and eaten so that I can open up my box of Cup Cakes and enjoy the chocolatey goodness that I’ve been missing. I opened the small package containing my small chocolate cake topped with frosting and the Hostess trademark white curly queue and took a bite. I was truly upset, the cake looked old and the frosting was way too sugary, definitely different than I remember them being. Even the texture of the frosting looked a lot different.

Today I tried the Twinkie, hoping that it wouldn’t be a failure like the Cup Cakes. To my astonishment, it was the same cupcake as it has always been. I was surprised, but ever so happy! Now the question is, how long are these cupcakes going to stay on the shelves and would the next box of Cup Cakes be better than the one I got yesterday?

Twinkie Imposter

There are some people who are well acquainted with the name Hostess. It’s most famous for the chocolate cupcakes with the white swirly stripe on top and the golden sponge cake, cream filled twinkies; both are favorites among their consumers. I however was one of those consumers until they made their bankruptcy public and closed their doors in November 2012.

Without Hostess to compete with, two other name brands, Little Debbie and TastyKake, have stepped up to recreate some of Hostess’ cupcakes. I happened to pass by the snack cakes yesterday while picking up a few groceries…this has become a habit of mine. I was curious to see what new cupcakes I would find. My eye had caught a golden sponge cake, very much in likeness to the Twinkie, one of my childhood favorites. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had heard that Hostess was going to sell some of their big name cupcakes, but to whom? Is it going to be under the Hostess brand name or are they selling recipes to another company?

Well, the box I picked up was TastyKake, a name brand I’m quite familiar with as it is based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My dad, being from Pennsylvania, has always bought Tastykakes when he could find them. TastyKake was a rare item to find here in the South until a few years ago. Now with Hostess gone, TastyKake has taken up a whole section of its own for their cupcakes; much larger than the few spaces they were given before Hostess closed.

When I got home I couldn’t wait to try this new twinkie look-a-like. After the first bite I was not impressed. It was a twinkie fake! It’s okay that they tried to recreate the popular cupcake, though giving it a different name, but I hungrily wanted the real thing. A few people told me to wait and see what Hostess is going to do. Waiting I am.