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Christmas Eve Goodies

Every year on Christmas Eve I bake a bunch of goodies and I or Gram’s delivers them to the local Hospice House and our local Fire Department. It’s our Christmas tradition…in a way. Both places hold a place close to our heart. The Hospice House was where my grandpa and many of our relatives had spent in their times of sickness, before they eventually passed away. The local Fire Department, well, my grandpa and two other guys had formed the Bryant Fire Dept in 1973. Grandpa eventually retired from the Fire Dept in 1997. The Fire Dept also came out and built a wheelchair ramp for my grandpa after he suffered from a series of strokes. Both places are employed by some really sweet people.

The Hospice House takes in home baked meals and goodies for the families that are visiting with their sick loved ones. During those times they would rather remain close to their loved ones instead of going home to cook dinner.

I have found a website that has some great recipes, crafts, and other things. They even have a facebook and twitter. I love peanut butter and chocolate…two things that go great together! I found this recipe on their website for these peanut butter bon bons…I’ve been searching for this recipe and finally found a good one! I think I’ve eaten several dozen of these things growing up.

Here’s their website: http://www.sixsistersstuff.com

And here’s a link to find those yummy peanut butter bon bons: http://www.sixsistersstuff.com/2011/10/homemade-reeses-peanut-butter-cup.html

I’ll list more recipes later.

The 1st of December and 24 more days to go…

It’s the first of December, twenty four days until Christmas. Actually, I look at it as twenty one days until my daughter’s birthday; she’ll be turning three. Then after all the wrapping paper is picked up and thrown away, the dishes are picked up, the table and cabinets are cleared of food, it’s time to play with all the toys my daughter got for her birthday. Same thing goes for Christmas day. What? So, I may have picked out a few toys that I wanted to play with too! Like the kitchen set; which I stood next to for three hours on black Friday last year just so I could save fifty dollars. My sister, Jaci, was a few feet away from me, waiting on a Princess table and chairs; she thought it would go great with the kitchen set.

I went overboard on the accessories for the kitchen set, but she still plays with it. And as for the Princess table, it still comes in handy, especially during the holidays. This year I didn’t overdo it, I made sure I didn’t.

My daughter gave me a reason to like Christmas again. I didn’t enjoy it growing up. My parents never really explained to us children the real reason behind Christmas. I grew up resenting Christmas due to the fact that I never got anything, but my sisters did. I didn’t realize the true meaning of Christmas until my daughter was born. I think she was my gift. It was like my eyes were opened and I began to really understand. I actually got into the Christmas spirit after that. I really had a reason to love Christmas. I had someone to share the joys of the holiday with; someone to explain what Christmas is all about. I decorate the outside with lights and put up the tree. And even though I’m terrible at gift wrapping, I wrap all the presents and place them under the tree, then hang the stockings and stuff them. I mostly just spoil the kids with toys and candy.

On my daughter’s first Christmas we were at my brother’s house, his wife read the Christmas story to the kids. I thought it would be a wonderful tradition to continue doing with my daughter and the rest of the kids each Christmas.

Another tradition that my Grandmother and I have been doing for a few years now, is that we bake a bunch of cookies and candy, package it up, and send to each the fire house and the hospice house.

Do you have any Christmas traditions?