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My first book reading


Yesterday I got the opportunity to read to a wonderful group of kids at the Boys and Girls Club in Bryant. I started out asking a the question, “Where do you think goldfish comes from?” I had a lot of wonderful answers including, the ocean, the river, the pond. My favorite answer had me laughing, “The pet store!” My book goes to show that every child has a different thought as to where goldfish comes from.

They were a very tentative group, with many brilliant questions. They each truly enjoyed the book and the colorful pictures that it entailed. After I was finished reading they asked a few questions about the book and being an author, then they thanked me as they had to go on to another project.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading to them. It’s the reason why I wanted to write and publish a children’s book, to do something for children. I love kids and I especially love mine. What a wonderful day it was and I look forward to the next opportunity I get to do it again.

My children’s book cover art has been completed

Yesterday, I opened my email and to my surprise I received an email from my editor, showing me a picture of the cover art to my children’s book. I was excited to see it! He told me to pick one of the two options that he emailed me and to let them know which one I wanted for the book cover.

I looked at both of them several times, but it was easy to pick which one that I liked best. I then asked my grandma to come and take a look and see which one she liked best. She had picked the one that I liked as well. It wasn’t a hard choice to make.

One of the pictures the artwork popped out at me. It was bright and colorful compared to the other one. The other artwork was hard to read the title because it was in black and white. It didn’t match the rest of the artwork. I quickly emailed my editor, telling him which one I had chosen.

I wish that I could share with you the cover art, but I was told not to…yet. They want me to wait until the cover has been finalized. I can understand that. Not to mention I wanted to wait myself, something about the anticipation of the surprise seems more exciting. Its kind of like going to a movie you haven’t seen before with someone who has seen it. The element of surprise is ruined when they begin to tell you what happens before it happens. I love surprises. I love going to a movie or watching a TV show without knowing what happens until it happens.  

It is getting closer and closer to production, the part that I’m anxiously awaiting. I’m not sure what makes me feel giddier, the closer I get for my book being complete or the part that comes after that. I’ll find out at the end of this month.