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Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

A lot of us with camera phones, who are snap happy, usually take selfies. Whether it be in the mirror in a bathroom somewhere, in the car, or just about any location in general where the opportunity arises to snap a picture of ourselves. Then we upload it to instagram, facebook, twitter, flickr, tumblr, and whichever other social media outlet we have that we can share our fabulous looking selfies, followed by a series of hashtags.

I’m usually snap happy when it comes to my daughter, but since I recently upgraded my phone to a forward facing camera, I snap the occasional selfie.


I recently got my hair cut a week ago


I love black and white pics. This one is a fav of mine.


Goofing around with one of the horses at the stables where my daughter rides.



My sister and her husband and daughter moved to Georgia around Christmas last year. Her husband is in the Air Force and his orders required him to move there. My sister and I have been texting and calling each other constantly every day.

What makes technology a wonderful thing is that now there is a thing called Skype. We can use our webcams to video call one another. I think it’s wonderful, Gram’s thinks it’s fascinating. I honestly wished that I had this sort of technology when I was in the Navy, I would’ve called home more often, just to see my family’s faces.

Now my niece can talk to my daughter, her cousin on Skype. My sister can chat with me and our Gram’s. She can also see how much my daughter has changed since she’s last seen her.