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5th of July

The thing about having a major holiday in the middle of the week is that you can’t relax the following day as things need to get done. Whereas a holiday landing on a Friday calls for rest and relaxation the following day.

My daughter and I had a wonderful 4th of July. After a short family reunion with my dad’s side of the family I took her to Bishop Park’s Bryant Fest here in Bryant, Arkansas. I was extremely grateful that it wasn’t as hot as it was last years unbearable 104 degrees. Although it was a little hot, it was tolerable for both of us to walk around and find things to do.

I was happy to see that Bryant Fest had more to do this year than the last two years combined. It makes finding things to do on the fourth for those of us with kids a lot better. I’m not one for sitting at home and doing nothing when I know there’s fun to be around town, especially on or around holidays such as the 4th of July.


My daughter and I walked around looking at the few carnival rides set up at Bryant Fest. She wanted to go down the slide, but no one was around to assist us. I’m guessing the carnival rides opened later. We ended up in the bouncy houses area where she got in one and jumped for about twenty minutes. She always picks the same one to jump in each year. It is always fun to watch her light up with excitement as she seems to jump endlessly until she’s ready to move on to something else, which happened to be the horses.


Two years ago she just sat on a horse for a few minutes, she was too small to ride by herself and I was too big to ride the horses. Last year she and I rode a bigger horse together, she wouldn’t ride it unless I was riding with her, I didn’t mind, I love horses. This year she wanted to ride by herself. I was ecstatic for her to want to ride by herself and for her to enjoy doing so.

After the pony ride we walked over to the games where I got her a Nemo fish from popping balloons with darts and she won an inflatable dolphin from a simple child’s game; picking up a rubber ducky and looking at the number on the bottom. The dolphin is about as big as she is, but she wanted it. We started to head back to the car, but my daughter cried out to ride the ponies one more time, of course I gave in. I love horses, too!


We didn’t stay to see the firework display, kids on the spectrum don’t like the noise they make and I can understand. Though, we did walk out into the front yard to watch them for a few minutes. The trees seemed to have block most of the view, but what we saw was beautiful even though she wasn’t enjoying it. She was mostly reacting to the popping, fizzes, and crackles coming from our neighbors popping their own fireworks that I decided it was time to go inside and find something on TV to help distract her.