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Dana’s First Fish book signings coming soon

Dana's First Fish

I love it when I stroll through the aisles of my local bookstore and the employees recognize me as one of the local authors. It makes me feel proud, happy, and excited. I’m no Charlaine Harris, but still, I need that little nudge of encouragement, a boost of motivation. It hasn’t been a successful start as a published author. I’ve paid to have a marketing team help me put myself out there and it started out a little rough, but the wrinkles are starting to work themselves out, finally.

If I were a betting person, I’m not, but if I were, I would bet that if you googled Dana’s First Fish or my name, Jennifer N. Adams, a nice looking picture of yours truly would pop up. 🙂 Go ahead, google me, it’s okay. 😉 Granted, it took a lot of work and quite a bit of time for that to happen, but Dana’s First Fish appears as my book now and not the work of the other children’s author who shares my name. Since she’s written and published quite a long list of titles, I think it is I who shares her name and not the other way around.

When you spend all that time, money, energy into creating something and not receive credit, wouldn’t you be upset? I was. I would show up to events and the coordinator would frown as they were expecting the other Jennifer Adams to show up.

I’ve had a few people personally ask me to get with them in a few weeks (when they’re starting to book events) so that I can set up a date to have a book signing with them. I love when someone asks for me to do that. Make sure you keep your eyes open, as I’ll start setting up book signing events for late March or early April.

I still have a few copies of Dana’s First Fish on hand if you would like to purchase one or two of them. Just make sure that you make a memo as to whom I’m making it out to in the comments section before you check out completely.

My first book signing

This past week I was kept completely busy around the house and also with promoting my book. Not only did I have a full schedule with my daughter’s therapist coming to my house, but I had to work around those hours to drop books off at the post office. I even drove to Little Rock a few times to run errands. These next few weeks I’m going to be just as busy. There’s a saying from somewhere that it’s best to keep busy and time fly, then to be sitting around bored and time linger.


I had my first book signing this past Thursday at the Civitan Preschool. Clifford the big red dog made his appearance, making most of the kids hyper with excitement. My best friend Steaven Walsh came with me to help out with the event. We laugh and awed each kid that came by, heading straight towards either the big cake next to us or the big red dog standing next to the cake. Somehow they seemed more interested in pull on his tail or playing with his ears. A couple of kids cried at the sight of such a creature they’ve never seen before, which had all of us saying “Awe” at the same time. The parents tried a few times to show that Clifford isn’t that scary, but it wasn’t a successful ploy.


I did however, sell a few books, autographing each one. I talked to a few kids about their first fish, learning that one little girl actually ‘bathed’ her fish. Yes, bathed! She dumped hand soap in the fish tank and yelled to her mom that she was giving the fish a bath.

The event had a small turn out of people, but we were sure there would’ve been more to show up had it not stormed, raining out the event. A few of the ladies who were in charge of the event said that they will have it again next year and hope that it’ll be a better turn out. I added that I will be happy to hold another book signing for them.


This week I will be having a book reading at the boys and girls club in Bryant. I’m really looking forward to it.