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A New Year’s Day tragedy

Wednesday was a sad day as we said our finally goodbyes to our preacher, David Harris, and his ten year old granddaughter. On the evening of the 1st of January 2013, David Harris and his family were on their way home from picking up a family member at the airport. They had slowed down on the interstate due to a traffic accident ahead of them. What they didn’t know was that they were going to be involved in an additional traffic accident, though it would be fatal.

Another car came up from behind, speeding and not paying attention, rear ended the Harris family, causing their car to spin and hit another car. David Harris had passed away an hour later after arriving at the hospital, while his ten year old daughter passed away a few hours later. Four other family members in the car were okay to critical condition.

When my grandmother received the email the night of the accident, telling me that brother David had passed away, I was shocked, I couldn’t believe it. She literally had to show me the email as if to verify what she was saying was indeed fact.

In a way, he reminded me of my grandpa, who was also a southern Baptist preacher. I had a lot of respect for him and a certain kind of love for him that everyone else had as well. He wasn’t the fire and brimstone type, but a man who delivered his sermons in a way that had me understand the word, had me understand the Lord better, had me understand the Bible better, and he also added a few jokes and humorous stories that always had you laughing; you always left the church still thinking about his word and his message. I can say it was through him that helped me find God and understand his message than all the other churches I’ve visited.

He wasn’t just a great preacher; he was also a wonderful person. My grandparents have been members of his church for years and I remember him coming to visit my grandfather, many times when he couldn’t leave the house to go to church. I have been attending his church with my grandmother for the past few years now. I vaguely remember attending there a few times when I was very little. He will be greatly missed and I know church won’t be the same without him.