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Twinkie Imposter

There are some people who are well acquainted with the name Hostess. It’s most famous for the chocolate cupcakes with the white swirly stripe on top and the golden sponge cake, cream filled twinkies; both are favorites among their consumers. I however was one of those consumers until they made their bankruptcy public and closed their doors in November 2012.

Without Hostess to compete with, two other name brands, Little Debbie and TastyKake, have stepped up to recreate some of Hostess’ cupcakes. I happened to pass by the snack cakes yesterday while picking up a few groceries…this has become a habit of mine. I was curious to see what new cupcakes I would find. My eye had caught a golden sponge cake, very much in likeness to the Twinkie, one of my childhood favorites. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had heard that Hostess was going to sell some of their big name cupcakes, but to whom? Is it going to be under the Hostess brand name or are they selling recipes to another company?

Well, the box I picked up was TastyKake, a name brand I’m quite familiar with as it is based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My dad, being from Pennsylvania, has always bought Tastykakes when he could find them. TastyKake was a rare item to find here in the South until a few years ago. Now with Hostess gone, TastyKake has taken up a whole section of its own for their cupcakes; much larger than the few spaces they were given before Hostess closed.

When I got home I couldn’t wait to try this new twinkie look-a-like. After the first bite I was not impressed. It was a twinkie fake! It’s okay that they tried to recreate the popular cupcake, though giving it a different name, but I hungrily wanted the real thing. A few people told me to wait and see what Hostess is going to do. Waiting I am.

Recipe: Crockpot Candy

I come from a long line of bakers. Everyone used to go to my Grandpa for a specific cake to be made; wedding or birthday. My Great Grandpa was one of the co-owners of a local bakery many years ago; my grandpa worked for him. His three girls can bake, my grandma bakes, I bake, and my youngest sister bakes and decorates cakes.

Often I’m asked for a recipe for something that I’ve baked or cooked. A lot of times it’s at family reunions or other functions that I attend. Since it’s the holidays and a lot of people do a lot of baking, I will try to post some of my favorite recipes on my blog.

Crockpot Candy

My Grandmother makes this popular candy every year and I’m always asked for the recipe or if I could get her to make them some more. I thought I would share the recipe with you.

~*~ Just a precaution, this candy is very addicting and will leave you wanting more!

Crockpot Candy Recipe:

1(16oz) jar unsalted dry roasted peanuts
1 (16oz) jar slated dry roasted peanuts
1 (4oz) german chocolate bar
1 (12oz) package peanut butter chips
1 (12oz) package mild chocolate chips
24oz vanilla bark

Chop chocolate and vanilla bark into small pieces. Layer ingredients in a crockpot in order listed above. Cook on low for 2 hours 15 minutes. Do not open the lid during the cooking process. Candy may appear to be melting but it is! When cooking time ends stir vigorously with a very dry wooden spoon. Spoon candy onto waxed paper with a teaspoon. Once candy has set, store in airtight container.