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To Appomattox – A Mini-Series in the Making


Most Americans should know of the American Civil War when asked. We learned about it in grade school from our History books. Some of us may have acted in school plays as Lincoln, reciting the Gettysburg Address. Some of us even have ancestors that fought in the civil war. There are also a few movies that could help fill in some of the blanks, Gettysburg, North and South, Lincoln, just to name a few.

On April 12, 1861, the American Civil War began when Confederate forces fired upon Fort Sumter. For four years, both the Union (The North) and the Confederates (The South) battled against one another in twenty three different states. The majority of those battles were fought in Tennessee and Virginia.

On April 9, 1865, Lee surrenders to Grant at the Appomattox court house, the Confederates lost, the war was over. The American Civil War still remains one of the bloodiest battles in history, with over 620,000 killed from combat, disease, or starvation, and over 476,000 wounded.

A mini-series is currently being filmed called, To Appomattox. It will be the most historically accurate presentation ever to be filmed. They currently have a Kickstarter page going, where you can become involved with their project by donating. With your donations, you can receive really awesome gifts such as cast autographed items, a behind the scenes DVD, a copy of the script, an opportunity to walk on the set, or be an extra, or have an actual speaking part in the mini-series. You can even be a part of the premiere in New York City or Hollywood, as well as the post-premiere party. You could take a tour of the set, or be a part of the meet and greet at one of the screenings. There are more things to list that you will receive from your donations. To see the full list, click here.

By donating, you get to be involved in the production of the mini-series. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, not just for Civil War historians or re-enactors, but for everyone. Everyone should be involved. Click here to find out more details about the mini-series or to donate now.

To Appomattox has a cast of amazing talent: Jason O’Mara, Stephen Lang, Noah Wyle, Richard Speight, Rascal Flatts, Kim Delaney, Trace Adkins, Kix Brooks, Powers Booth, plus many more other famous talents.

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Lincoln the movie

I was finally able to see the movie Lincoln. It was nominated for 12 Oscars, including one for Best Actor by Daniel Day Lewis. Lewis is the only actor in history to win three Oscars for Best Actor.

There may have been a few historical inaccuracies in the film, for example Mary Todd Lincoln, played by Sally Fields, sat in on the House proceedings surrounding the Amendment 13. History isn’t recorded that Mrs. Lincoln had ever sat in to listen to any of the proceedings.

I actually enjoyed the movie. It gave a better insight on how Lincoln fought to get the 13th Amendment to pass. He was in a small way like Moses, trying to free the slaves from bondage. England passed an Emancipation Act in 1833, abolishing slavery. It was about time that the United States should do the same, though it took the US until 1865 for that to happen.

Even though we all know what becomes of Lincoln, the movie didn’t show how it happened, more or less had a character come in and said Lincoln was shot and killed by Booth. The next scene shows Lincoln lying in bed, surrounded by men of importance, as a doctor calls the date and time of Lincoln’s death. The scene itself can be felt be the viewer as a scene of great sadness. I felt a moment of grief, as I stared at the TV screen, watching a moment in history replay itself.

Lincoln was a man of greatness, a man who was impassioned by ending slavery, and he fought hard to see it happen. He did live to see the bill pass, and lived only a short few months for it to take effect.    

Eh, what’s up Doc?

I’m currently going over my Biology notes and studying for my next test on Thursday. I’m looking at words like genes, chromosomes, DNA, mitosis, amino acids, bacteria, cancer, mutation, genetics, and so on. Almost makes me feel like I’m studying to be a doctor…I wish! In reality, I’m studying for my Associates in Arts degree and then I’m going for a Bachelor’s in History degree.

History is what I’m really interested in. So far I know about the US Civil War, Irish Civil War, and American Revolution. I also know quite a bit about American History and some about Irish and Native American History.

Biology is a fun class, but to me it’s a little hard. I love Science. I even made straight A’s in Science in High School. But now that I’m in college, it’s a little tougher. The tests are much harder to me as the instructor doesn’t lecture. I feel that I learn the easiest when I’m being taught in a class, rather than going home and printing notes off of the computer to read on our own time. We go into class and talk about the labs, then do the labs, and then when we’re done with our labs, we go home. It’s a three hour class, once a week.

Something the instructor has pointed out though, is that biology is a class for those that are going into nursing. I thought to myself, “Why the heck am I taking this class then? Oh wait, it’s because I need it in order to receive my Associates Degree.” The same goes with taking two classes of a foreign language. Oh, and another Science lab class. I honestly feel like I don’t need some of these classes for my career of choice, but they’re required. The rest of the classes I can see why it’s a requirement, like Speech class for instant. Let me just say, that first week I thought it was going to be a tough class, but it ended up being really fun, interesting, and I learned so much from it. Some of the things that I learned in Speech class I’ve actually used in other classes and I know I will use out in the real world.

But for now I’m going to learn about which genetic traits I got from my Mother and which ones I got from my Father. Or that some cancers such as Melanoma are mutations.  I’m just curious when I’m going to start dissecting stuff.