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Weekly Photo Challenge: 50 years or older

I love finding antiques in a store or old pictures when sorting through things or antiques while out driving through the back roads.


An old sewing machine I saw while browsing a sewing machine shop with my grandma.


An old sewing machine I saw while browsing a sewing machine shop with my grandma.


Saw this in front of an old mercantile store in Scott, Arkansas


My grandma showed me a picture of her and my grandpa taken many years ago. What a beautiful couple.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

Not many young people know what the item I’m holding in the picture is. Though I’ll be 35 in a few months, I know exactly what it is, and it’s purpose. These days it’s hard to find records, unless you go to an antique store. It’s even harder to find parts for your old record player too. The item I’m holding is a 45 adapter – it sits in the center hole of a 45 singles record, so that you can place it on your record turnstile and play the record.


That’s my Mother’s name written all over the 45 adapter. As you can see, it belongs to her.

Correcting An Misinterpreted Post

About a month ago I had written a post called, ‘What is Mithraism’. The reason for my writing about it, was the fact that we were talking about religion in my Sociology class. One of the topics we were discussing was Sun Worship. It sent a light bulb off as I have heard of this before, yes, from watching TV. Yes, I love watching History and the like on TV, who doesn’t. But I am by no means a gullible person. It is easy to see that the said TV show I was watching, “America Unearthed”, is for entertainment purposes only.

Every week for class we were to turn in a ‘Response Paper’. In that response paper we were to write about what was discussed in class and/or write about other things that pertain to the chapter(s) we were discussing.

I didn’t know what I had written would be brought to others attention and also go on to say that I was ignorant and gullible and that I believed what I was watching on TV. After going back over my blog post, I can see how someone can easily misinterpret what I wrote. I didn’t state whether I was correcting inaccurate information, nor did I leave a link to the scholarly source that I used to retrieve my information in my research. I did however, use the link to my response paper, as it is required. But, I did not say that I believed in what Scott Wolter stated in his show.  A forensic geologist does not have any business going around the world as an archeology, stating that the really interesting ‘stories’ he hears is in fact true, just from looking at a rock someone found with markings on them.

What I wanted to correct on my misinterpreted post, was that I used Wolter episode on Mithraism called a Deadly Sacrifice, for my paper, but I corrected the inaccuracies and replaced them with fact. Wolter said that Mithraism came from an Egyptian Apis bull, that is incorrect. Mithraism came from Rome, and is after the Persian Sun god who slayed bulls named Mithra.

Just goes to prove how editing before posting is crucial.

What is Mithraism

historical view of Heidelberg

historical view of Heidelberg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Sociology class we are learning a little bit about religion in society. One particular religion that we discussed, other than Christianity, was sun worship. How ancient societies would worship the sun, until science came along and explained the world and it’s surroundings to us. I wrote a response paper on a particular sun worshiping group that I had seen on a TV show a few months ago. I had to do some research to make sure what I was saying was accurate, as always. Enjoy!

I love watching the History channel. Some of the shows on there always catch my attention, especially when it comes to talking about historical items in the museum, archeology, or historical exploration. Last year I started watching a show called America Unearthed. Scott Wolter, a world renowned forensic geologist is often called to check out some rock or stone someone has found. Usually that stone has some history relevance to a past society or tied to a particular group of people.

According to Wolter’s show, “these groups of people or societies are relatively known to have lived there, so history says, but with the evidence that’s being found today and the evidence that’s been looked at again from the past, says otherwise. Such as the Mayan’s built temples in Georgia, Egyptian tribes once lived in Oklahoma, the Knights Templar roaming in the Nevada desert. All of these groups of people past history says is inaccurate, but evidence being brought forth shows otherwise.”

The show is primarily based on correcting the history that we’ve been taught in school. Scott Wolter travels all over America, even across Europe, trying to put an answer to some of the items that are brought to his attention.

In Sociology class, we talked about a particular religion where people worship the sun. It reminded me of an episode I saw of America Unearthed called ‘A Deadly Sacrifice’. Evidence of a particular group called Mithraism was found in Oklahoma. Wolter says, “Mithraism is an ancient Egyptian cult of the Apis bull.” However, that is incorrect.

Mithraism was it was a secretive sect. It is part of the Zoroastrianism religion that was founded in the 6th century BC. What is known is that it dates back to the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD.  

Mithras was a very important Persian god. He was a sun god and a bull slayer. Images are often found of Mithras slaying a bull. It is believed that those in the Mithraism sect sacrificed a bull to honor Mithras, but the blood was used to baptized newcomers.  

This particular group would have been outcast in America as they were very different from Christianity. However, archeological evidence shows that Christianity and Mithraism influenced one another. They both developed in the same area of the world. They both have communal meals and have similar beliefs and practices. It is believed that Christianity adopted one aspect of Mithraism, Christmas Day.

Jesus Christ was not born on December 25th; he was born sometime in the fall. December 25th is the day of the birth of the sun, or the sun god, to which is closely related to Mithras.

When Constantine converted to Christianity from Mithraism, he decided to change December 25th to Christ’s birthday, rather than Mithras’ birthday. Mithraism eventually died out in the 4th century AD when Constantine converted to Christianity.

This post is being brought to my attention and is not at all seen as what I was trying to get across. It seems that I will have to correct some errors.

Obesity in France and America

Recently I wrote a paper for my French class on the difference between obesity in France and America. How America was the most obese country until a few months ago when Mexico toppled our numbers. It’s a growing concern for today’s youth and it seems to be a problem for military recruitment. It’s even a huge issue where health is a concern. Have a read and see what you think.

Obesity in France and America

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ article for the Atlantic, There Are No Fat People In Paris, can easily be seen as false. Granted there are a lot of thin, healthy looking people in Paris, but you will find a small handful of obese people there as well and a larger number of obese people all around France.

Only seven million of France’s population is obese, making France one of the few countries in the world with obesity issues (telegraph). One hundred and four million of American’s are obese, making up one third of America’s population (cdc). America use to hold the record for the most obese country in the world, until recently.

How does France continue to be one of the healthiest countries in the world when butter is served in all of the dishes and bread is served with every meal (the atlantic). You would think a meal full of fat and carbs would be an issue, but in France it is not. There are stairs everywhere; they are more noticeable than the elevators (the atlantic). With the elevators nearly hidden, it only makes the stairs look mandatory to take. The French in Paris walk everywhere, making it seem as if it is part of their culture (the atlantic).

A few things that you will have to look hard to find are gyms and junk food (the atlantic). There is no need to go to the gym if you are walking everywhere or always taking the stairs. According to USA Today, “the French eat three meals a day and do not snack in between meals.”  What better way is there to burn off all of those carbs, fat, and calories then walking everywhere you go or taking the stairs instead of the elevator?

Maybe it has to do with the fact that the French do not over indulge their plates in one sitting as the American’s do. The French have smaller servings on their plates, including their deserts. They even chew smaller bites, and eat fresher food (Girls Guide To Paris). The Girls Guide To Paris also states, that the French are taught proper eating habits at an early age, and that they are very structured. They also sip alcoholic beverages with their meals, rather than taking huge gulps. The French also take their time when eating, which could lead to a two hour lunch break.

Eating in France almost sounds like eating is an art of leisure. While here in America the stress of trying to find the time to eat during our thirty minute lunch break, results in forcing ourselves to eat unhealthy, fast food. Overindulging in fast food results in heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, all of which is relatively high in the United States, but not in France.

Stores located in most of the cities here in America are stretched far from one another that it makes walking from one place to another seem nearly impossible. Everyone drives to their destinations. There are quite a few promenade’s here and there, but in order to walk around to window shop or sight see you have to drive there.

The culture between the French and the American’s are each different. It would be interesting to see how the percentages of obese people will look twenty years from now in France, as well as in America. Will the French catch up to us? Will the numbers of obesity in America start to dwindle? However the numbers, obesity is a health concern. It not only affects adults, but our youth as well.

Links for my cited work:

Remembering twelve years ago today


The following morning, USS George Washington CVN 73 in New York’s harbor 12 Sept 2011

On my drive in to school today I saw flags were put out in front of homes and businesses. Those that had flag poles, lowered their flags to half mass. It is a solemn reminder of what happened on this date not so very long ago; twelve years to be exact. This country was shredded and in tears, but came together. Many became patriotic, heroes were made, loved ones were lost. But we all stood up to help one another in a desperate time of need.

I remember that day as if it were yesterday. I think we all will. I was on the USS George Washington CVN 73. I could not believe what I was seeing on the TV’s that were playing throughout the ship. It was like a horror movie on every station, showing those two planes crashing into the twin towers. They kept playing it on repeat, as it they too could not believe what they were seeing.

Later that night my ship made its way to New York’s harbor, where it sat for three weeks, guarding the coastline.

I made a video for youtube of the one year ceremony we had on my ship.

Souda Bay, Crete

Crete is an island south of Greece. It is actually a part of Greece as they have the same language, writing, and the same flag.

I remember Crete for the obvious reasons that they didn’t want us, the military, visiting their country. Some friends and I was watching the locals play basketball when a small riot broke out. They carried a large banner that read ‘Go home’! They were also shouting we don’t like the American Army here. Some of my shipmates shouted back that we weren’t the Army, we were Navy.

It wasn’t too long before the police arrived in a large group and escorted us safely back to our ship. Later that evening a couple of the bus drivers began to threaten us. It was clear they did not want us there. We pulled out and continued on our way.

But, we came back. Sad to say, they were still resilient about us being there as a few of our officers were beaten up. This had put a stop to our leaving the ship for liberty. The following day we were only allowed to hang out on the pier. Well, what can you do for 5000 sailors with nothing to do? Order food and beer and have it brought to you! Not bad really!

The next day we were allowed back out in town, but we had what is called ‘Cinderella Liberty’. All of us had to be back on the ship or on the pier before 1800 hours (6PM). Cinderella Liberty remained until the day we left.