A few Christmases ago, when my loved ones asked what I “really” wanted for Christmas, I gave them a list of book titles. All were by Indie authors, or published by Indie/small presses. Some had multiple reviews, some only one or two. And when I chose gifts for special occasions, it was either a potted […]

via Buy Indie, Borrow the Big Bestsellers — Cynthia Reyes

6 thoughts on “Buy Indie, Borrow the Big Bestsellers — Cynthia Reyes

  1. Mark

    Ms. Adams, my son is a 25 year-old on the spectrum who has just written a picture book on Bigfoot. Do you know any literary agents that have a special interest in helping authors on the spectrum to publish?
    Thank you for your help!

    1. JenniferNAdams Post author

      That’s awesome! And, congrats to him on writing a book!! I don’t know of any literary agents specfically however, there is an actual book where you guys can peruse through the many agents, searching for the one that may suit his book. I’m sharing the link to the one I found on Amazon. I have a much,much older copy (it’s updated every year) and find that it’s very useful: https://www.amazon.com/Guide-Literary-Agents-2018-Published/dp/1440352666


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