Dealing With a Bad Publisher

In 2013, I had published my children’s picture book, Dana’s First Fish with Tate Publishing. At first, it was a pleasant experience. But after my book was published, I began to find discrepancies, which I had blogged about; another author’s picture and bio posted on most websites (there is more than one author named Jennifer Adams out there), was my biggest issue as it was never corrected no matter how much I complained. Another complaint I had was that they did not want to print 100 books within a few weeks for a book signing event I was to have at Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble then told me that they could not work with me. I’m crossing my fingers that I would have better luck with them with my next book.

It wasn’t long before I stopped receiving my royalties check, yet I was constantly asked if I wanted to purchase more books for book signing events, or to possibly consider publishing another book with them. I continued to pass on every offer that they had sent my way and am so glad that I did.

In January of this year, Tate Publishing had closed their doors. A lawsuit was filed against on embezzlement and fraud. There are over 35,000 authors who used Tate Publishing. Most of us had not received our royalties in years. Most authors had not received books that they had ordered. I was fortunate to have received my shipment of books that I had ordered.

Before Tate closed, I was sent an email request that I send them $50 for my files, copyright info, etc, oh, and to sign a waiver saying that I will not sue them. I didn’t bother signing it, nor did I bother to send them any more money.

I still have several copies of Dana’s First Fish, which you can purchase on Amazon. They will come straight from me and I have reduced the price to $4.

Dana's First Fish

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6 thoughts on “Dealing With a Bad Publisher

  1. Milly Schmidt

    As soon as I saw the words ‘Tate Pubishing’ (and being well versed with Writers beware) I thought oh no….

    I’m sorry that you had to go through something like this! I went through a slightly similar situation with a truly horrible publishing company. What happened to me was I got to the contract signing stage and the awful director/owner decided not to sign me ‘because I had signed the date wrong, which proved to him that I wasn’t taking it seriously.’

    And the reason why I signed the date wrong? I’m an Australian, not an American, and we have a different date system. I then found out the real reason he wasn’t willing to sign me was because they were about to go bankrupt. He was a truly terrible human being to crush me in such a flippant manner – I heard later from others that he did many cruel things to his actual contracted authors to get out of his (red flag) contracts.

    1. JenniferNAdams Post author

      I am so sorry to hear that! It wasn’t till a year or so later when I began running into other Tate authors and listened to their horror stories that they had with Tate. It took me years before I ever thought about publishing again, but I needed to push past this bad experience and learn from it.
      Were you able to find someone else or self-publish? If you need reviews, I would love to read it and give you an honest review. 🙂

      1. Laura Grace

        I’d love to let you review my book. How would I go about this? I gave away over 100 books only to learn they could not review on Amazon if they had not purchased the book. Maybe I should make Grace to the Rescue free for a promotion and you can read it. Yes I think I will. starting tomorrow. Grace to the Rescue by Laura Grace at amazon.

  2. Laura Grace

    I had a horrible experience with them too. I am so sorry HUGS! we should start a support group or something! i waited years to publish and put my heart and soul into my First Project with them “Grace to the Rescue.” They cut out so much of the book, made errors that I had edited and fixed, failed to keep their promises and talked me into buying 900.00 worth of books on top of the “Co pay” that was supposed to be refunded to me. It’s taking a lot of faith to have fixed my books now. What a terrible thing to have happen, when all I wanted to do was write a book to help women out of abuse such as I had suffered for 16 years. My heart goes out to you, and myself as well.


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