24 Times Doctor Who Has Helped Me Explain Autism

I can relate to all of these, except the ‘sitting still for a 2 hour movie’ one. #10 made me laugh, though it’s because I get a lot of ‘she doesn’t look autistic’.

Autism Odysseys

We have evolved into a “Whovian” family over the course of a few years – my kids are ages 14, 12, 12 and 9. We have receptive / expressive language impairments so any subject that allows for reciprocal conversations is rejoiced! I also rejoice because I love sharing this interest with them and going to comic conventions to cater to my love of fandoms!

All memes were originally posted onAutism Odysseys on Facebook

Cosplay – Identical Twin ” Tenth Doctors”, Rose and a Weeping Angel

Cosplay – Cyberman, Dalek, The Silence and a Weeping Angel

1. Autism acceptance - because square pegs aren’t meant to fit in a round hole.
2. The look of a parent when their child isn’t the most disruptive one in the restaurant -With 4 kids, this doesn’t happen very often!3. Reasons someone might lick random objects – you’re either the tenth doctor or…

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