Driving lessons from my 4 year old.

My daughter makes the best back seat driver.

I’ll be driving through town, obeying the speed limits, she’ll blurt out, “Go fast mommy, go faster!” I simply tell her, “I can’t or the police will get onto mommy.”

Or if I’m stopped at a red light, she’ll tell me, “Go mommy, go, go, go!” I then tell her, “That light is telling me that I must stop. If I go, then I’ll crash into another car.”

Finally I instructed her on the rules of driving: Red light means stop, green light means go, and by all means, Mommy cannot drive as fast as you want her to in town or we’ll get stopped by the police. She tells me okay, but it took a few tries for her to understand it. After all, she is a toddler, always on the go, can’t sit still for more than five minutes.

When we come up to the traffic lights now, she’ll yell out what color the light is and what it means, correctly. They when we merge onto the interstate, she’ll tell me to go faster, but I’ll still obey the speed limits and traffic laws.

I’m so glad she’s only four and won’t be driving for quite some time.




2 thoughts on “Driving lessons from my 4 year old.

    1. JennNAdams Post author

      Me too! My mother and grandmother both got the opportunity to witness her backseat driving and thought she was too funny as well. Now, if I ever run a redlight, I’m doomed to never hear the end of it lol!


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