Sleepless in…well, here

I’ve been a light sleeper since 2000 when I joined the US Navy. I was a hard sleeper before I joined, that I could sleep right through my alarm. A few days of boot camp cured me of that. After I got out, four years later, I became a restless sleeper, with some insomnia issues; the insomnia slowly dissipated over the next few years, but I have never gotten over being a light sleeper, especially when my daughter was born in December, 2009.


My daughter, curled up in my bed, ready to go to sleep.

Lately, my daughter has been sleeping in bed with me. I already knew that once I became a mom, I would never have a peaceful nights sleep for the rest of my life. I somewhat knew that my child would have to end up sleeping with me at some point. It started two years ago when I had her sleep with me for a few nights so I could monitor her. She had been really sick with a high fever and throwing up and I thought it would be best for the both of us if she stayed with me so that I can be there for her. I actually ended up taking her to the ER around 5AM that morning because I couldn’t get her fever to go down no matter what I did.

Within a few nights after that she went back to sleeping in her own bed with no problems. Every once in awhile she would sleep with me, but only when she was really sick. Now she’s four and she sleeps with me more now, than she does in her own bed. She usually wakes in the middle of the night from a night terror, I would get up and hold her, then carry her to my bed. Lately, she just gets into my bed, skips the whole routine of her starting in her bed and ending up in mine.

I’ve stopped drinking Red Bull’s completely, to which was my ‘must have’ can of energy every morning. I actually traded them in for coffee. I found that it is cheaper, plus coffee isn’t as bad for you as Red Bull. Most morning I feel like I may need an ivy drip, though with coffee in it instead of saline.


Found on google images

There is a perception of what you think it would be like when your child sleeps next to you, but the reality of it ends up with the child having a peaceful nights sleep, while the parent looks like a zombie in the morning. That’s due to the child tossing and turning all night. Not to mention limbs flying all over the place. There were a few times where I would finally fall asleep and my daughter would roll over and an arm would come flying at me with a fist punching me in the nose or eye. I’ve been kicked, slapped, elbowed, punched, kneed, I looked like I went a few rounds in the boxing ring. When that occurs, I calmly carry her back to her bed.


found on google images


Now I’m out of ideas on how to get her to start going back to sleep in her own bed, starting from when I say “It’s bedtime”. I used to tell her that bid girls sleep in their own bed, but that stopped working months ago. I’ve even rewarded her with stickers, nope that stopped working too.


I enjoy reading other blogs written by parents with toddlers and I found this one blog cute, yet humorous, only because I know how the parents feel, especially when the toddler takes over the bed, leaving the parents a small portion to sleep on. Click here to read their blog.


5 thoughts on “Sleepless in…well, here

  1. Books in the Burbs

    You know- sleeping in their own bed is much like potty training. It happens when the child is ready, not the parent. Enjoy the moments. My dd just started sleeping in her bed, after going on vacation and sleeping with me (due to sleep arrangements), and never went back to her room. Until….this week. She just one night decided to sleep in her room. I think one big factor was moving her toys into her room and having all we stuffed animals on her bed. We read, pray, and then she falls asleep. It’s a huge first since she now doesn’t need her iPad at night, either. A little night light and our white noise machine has her sleeping soundly. Good luck with your little one and keep us posted! Xx


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