One Word Photo Challenge – Red

Almost all of my photos that I post will contain my daughter. She’s the perfect subject to take a snapshot of, mostly because she’s acting silly, looking silly or adorable, all of which is normal for her character.


My daughter’s toy – firetrucks are one of her favorite things.


Red slide – I think every child has to go up the slide the wrong way.


Red jacket


Minnie Mouse’s Red bow tie


Red firetruck – sitting on one of Bryant Arkansas’ finest engines.


Red lightsaber – you can tell how much of a nerd I am; my daughter is playing with a lightsaber, she loves them and star wars.


Red building – Jordan’s BBQ; the best BBQ place in Arkansas (Bryant, Arkansas).


Red stripes on old glory (1890 – 42 star flag). Hanging above the stairs at the MacArthur museum in Little Rock Arkansas.


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