Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

I have been saving my pocket change long before my daughter was born; she’s now four years old. Before I took her to Disney World last summer, I decided to sort through that pocket change to see how much I had saved. It was somewhere around a few hundred dollars. My grandma insisted I save some of the coins for my daughter instead of spending it. I had quite a few of those new quarters, nickels, and pennies that almost everyone likes to collect. She handed me a small stack of empty coin books and preceded to fill them up.

I had plans to sort through the change, wrap them in coin rolls, then put them into my bank account for a little extra vacation money. My grandmother had other plans and before I could say no, my had daughter joined us and started sorting the coins into piles. I showed her how to sort the nickels into the nickel pile, quarters in the quarter pile, and so on. Then my grandmother showed her how to press a coin into a coin book. Though it took us a few hours, we had fun, and my daughter got the opportunity to learn what coin was what. I ended up putting all the change back into the the coin container and placed it back into my closet, having not spent a cent of it yet.


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