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One Word Photo Challenge: Yellow

I love Spring and the beautiful colors it brings. I ventured towards the garden center, at my local store and purchased some flower bulbs and seeds. Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day, especially for messing around in my flowerbeds. Here are a couple of pictures of some of the flowers representing this weeks photo challenge color: yellow.

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One Word Photo Challenge: Yellow

My flowerbeds are turning green as new life sprouts forth from the dirt. The first flowers to bud and bloom are the dandelions. It’s been a harsh winter for most, but maybe this is a sign that Spring is very close and warmer weather will be here soon.


Fire Alarms Can Cause Nightmares For Some Kids


There’s a long list of things that my autistic daughter can’t handle – the washer, blender, vacuum, mixer, doorbell, fireworks, parades, crowds, fire truck sirens, and now the fire alarm at her school. A few weeks ago her school had a fire drill. In a typical fire drill, the fire alarm sounds and the teachers gather the students together to take them outdoors to safety. It’s something all school’s are required to do to teach the kids fire drill safety. But how do you have a fire drill for someone who is extremely sensitive to loud noises? Her therapist tell me to continue to expose her to this noise, so that she can get use to hearing it, to the point where it doesn’t bother her anymore.

I was told when they had their fire drill and what her reaction was – I already knew what her reaction would be before they told me, it’s the same reaction she has to a majority of  things she can’t tolerate. Since the fire drill she started having nightmares – getting up in the middle of the night, screaming and crying, then begging to sleep with me where she felt safer. Upon the fifth night I had finally discovered what had been giving her nightmares, it was the fire alarm. She had woke up crying in the middle of the night, telling me to get out, go, fire. When I told her therapist this they immediately began working with her and trying to help her see that she shouldn’t be afraid of the alarm. They even showed her videos and had another fire drill.

The second fire drill caused her to not want to go to her own bed at all and the nightmares continued. How would you try to expose a child to something that has them react in this manner? It’s the same as you or I being exposed to our own fears. Some fears there isn’t a choice but to be exposed to them. Like elevators for instance, I can’t stand elevators, though I have to use them. I was stuck in a crowded elevator when I was younger – I’m also claustrophobic, so this didn’t help me any. There were too many people (too much weight) in the elevator, that it decided to stop moving and we were stuck in between floors. It felt like we were in there a lot longer than it took them to get us out of there, but still I will till this day avoid going in an elevator if there is more than two people in it. If I’m already in the elevator and it starts to fill up, I’ll get out and wait on another.

I feel bad for my daughter and her sensitivity to loud noises. I wish there was a better way to being exposed to the things she’s terrified off. I have tried certain methods in having her get over some of the things she’s terrified of. Each time the doorbell rings I would have her go and ring the doorbell herself, to the point where she isn’t terrified from hearing it anymore. It startles her now and then, but not as bad as it had before. My grandmother and I do a lot of baking. We both decided to let my daughter stand in a chair next to us as we put stuff in the mixer, then turn the mixer on. This had eased my daughter’s reactions to the mixer so that she isn’t afraid of it when she hears it running. She’s now more anxious to scoot a chair next to us and watch as we mix ingredients.

Today I tried having her help me start the washer. She got as far as putting the soap in there, but wouldn’t get close enough to turn the knob that actually starts the washer. I’m not going to force her, instead I’ll take small steps.

Weekly photo challenge: Three


Once a month a small group of classmates along with a few instructors attend an Archeology Society meeting (lecture). Before we attend the lecture we all meet up at a restaurant and chat, eat, and have a good time. At one of the restaurants were we dined they had flavored crickets. This of course led some of the group members to purchasing a few and of course sampling some of the products. If it were chocolate covered, I would’ve tried them.


Got to have Cadbury Bunny Eggs!


Taken at the Memphis Zoo.


She does this occasionally, covers herself with towels or paper napkins. Here she has three napkins.


My sisters and I a long time ago. I’m the tall one on the left.


My sisters and I at my boot camp graduation (2000).


Our Disney World passes.

Be Happy In 100 Days!

#100HappyDays Photo Challenge! Think I can do that. Who’s with me?

Second Phase

I’ve seen a few of my friends posting their photos with the hashtag of 100HappyDays . Simple things in life that makes them happy being posted on Facebook, twitter and Instagram made me want to see what it’s all about because hey, we all want to be happy right?

So the 100 Happy Day Challenge is simple enough it’s amusing – Post photos of anything that make you happy and post it for 100 days without fail.

Simple? Yes. Doable? Maybe.

I’ve joined FMS (Fat Mum Slim) Photo A Day group where anyone can post photo according to the day’s theme and I’ve been doing this for almost 6 months. As for FMS, I love it because it gives me something to look forward to. Not only in finding for things to photograph that will suit the prompt but also discovering my own creativity in interpreting the prompts. It’s not…

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One Word Photo Challenge: Green

Starting to see some flowers coming up in my flowerbeds. I’m trying not to brag since some of you are still getting snow or won’t be able to see grass for a few more months yet, when all the snow melts.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

I have been saving my pocket change long before my daughter was born; she’s now four years old. Before I took her to Disney World last summer, I decided to sort through that pocket change to see how much I had saved. It was somewhere around a few hundred dollars. My grandma insisted I save some of the coins for my daughter instead of spending it. I had quite a few of those new quarters, nickels, and pennies that almost everyone likes to collect. She handed me a small stack of empty coin books and preceded to fill them up.

I had plans to sort through the change, wrap them in coin rolls, then put them into my bank account for a little extra vacation money. My grandmother had other plans and before I could say no, my had daughter joined us and started sorting the coins into piles. I showed her how to sort the nickels into the nickel pile, quarters in the quarter pile, and so on. Then my grandmother showed her how to press a coin into a coin book. Though it took us a few hours, we had fun, and my daughter got the opportunity to learn what coin was what. I ended up putting all the change back into the the coin container and placed it back into my closet, having not spent a cent of it yet.