My Visit to the Art Gallery

A very interesting sculpture catches my eye…

Found In Arkansas


I visited the Arkansas Art Gallery in Little Rock. Though I knew of its location as I have been to the MacArthur museum next door, it was the first time I had visited the gallery itself. Before I made the trip, I checked their website online to see if I might find a particular artist that I may want to see. According to their website I would find Picasso, Renoir, and Van Gogh amongst their artwork, which had me excited and more willing to go to this particular art gallery.

As I walked through their doors, it felt inviting with its spacious entrance. To my left was a set of doors, leading to the sketched portraits. Next to it, a set of doors, standing open, leading to their gift shop and diner. I continued to walk straight, stopping at the desk to pick up a few brochures, then continued walking…

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