Correcting An Misinterpreted Post

About a month ago I had written a post called, ‘What is Mithraism’. The reason for my writing about it, was the fact that we were talking about religion in my Sociology class. One of the topics we were discussing was Sun Worship. It sent a light bulb off as I have heard of this before, yes, from watching TV. Yes, I love watching History and the like on TV, who doesn’t. But I am by no means a gullible person. It is easy to see that the said TV show I was watching, “America Unearthed”, is for entertainment purposes only.

Every week for class we were to turn in a ‘Response Paper’. In that response paper we were to write about what was discussed in class and/or write about other things that pertain to the chapter(s) we were discussing.

I didn’t know what I had written would be brought to others attention and also go on to say that I was ignorant and gullible and that I believed what I was watching on TV. After going back over my blog post, I can see how someone can easily misinterpret what I wrote. I didn’t state whether I was correcting inaccurate information, nor did I leave a link to the scholarly source that I used to retrieve my information in my research. I did however, use the link to my response paper, as it is required. But, I did not say that I believed in what Scott Wolter stated in his show.  A forensic geologist does not have any business going around the world as an archeology, stating that the really interesting ‘stories’ he hears is in fact true, just from looking at a rock someone found with markings on them.

What I wanted to correct on my misinterpreted post, was that I used Wolter episode on Mithraism called a Deadly Sacrifice, for my paper, but I corrected the inaccuracies and replaced them with fact. Wolter said that Mithraism came from an Egyptian Apis bull, that is incorrect. Mithraism came from Rome, and is after the Persian Sun god who slayed bulls named Mithra.

Just goes to prove how editing before posting is crucial.

3 thoughts on “Correcting An Misinterpreted Post

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  2. Christina May Richardson

    Love following you! Don’t you worry at all. Everyone has their opinions and we are all here to learn and also be ourselves. You are doing a great job. I’m new to this but I enjoy following you now. Have a great day!


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