My Initial Reaction to the Announced Changes to the GAC System at the Disney Parks

Author’s Note: This is my reaction to changes announced via several social media sites and blogs.  I may change my opinion once I have toured with the new system and speak with Guest Relations further after the implementation.  As well this post is not meant to whine, or argue, or upset.  It’s simply meant to inform others as to what it is like currently and what I see could be the possible ramifications.  I always welcome questions about Autism and welcome a civil discussion on this topic.


Today it was announced that effective October 9th, 2013 some changes will be implemented to the current Guest Assistance Card procedures at Disney’s Parks in North America.  Since the story broke of wide spread abuse in the system this past May, those of us who use the system with our families to tour the parks had waited for the changes to roll out…

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